Parents need to tighten belts after budget cuts

21 April 2017

Bank Windhoek has cautioned parents to tighten their belts even further to ensure their children receive a good education in view of the government budgetary cuts now affecting secondary schools. 

Bank Windhoek Head of Corporate Communications, Strategy and Sustainability, Riaan van Rooyen noted the Ministry of Education’s recent announcement in its budget vote that the N$500 per learner subsidy for secondary schools will be reduced to N$250 in the 2017/18 financial year.

Van Rooyen said the Education Ministry further indicated that at primarya school level, where the ministry previously allocated N$350 per learner, only N$250 will be spent per learner through the new budget.

“These cuts will inevitably be passed on to parents, who will have to increase this specific budgetary item in their household budget.” said.

“Parents will have to look at cutting expenses at home as well as in their daily lives to accommodate the subsidy cuts. To identify these cuts, it is important to focus on necessities. Think about that lunch and coffee you buy at work. Could you not perhaps save by bringing your coffee and lunch to work? Also preparing lunch or snacks for children going to school instead of giving them money to buy from their tuck-shop,” said Van Rooyen.


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