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Agra opens retail branch in Hardap region

21 April 2017

Agra this week increased its footprint with the opening of a retail branch at the Hardap Irrigation Scheme named Agra@Hardap, the first retail outlet of its kind. Agra’s CEO, Arnold Klein, said Agra@Hardap was established with the purpose to bring products and services closer to the agronomic producers in the area.

The Hardap irrigation scheme is one of the main agronomic areas in Namibia with about 35 agronomy producers growing Lucerne, wheat, maize, beans, teff grass and sorghum. Agra@Hardap is also expected to benefit 13 agronomists and horticulture/vegetable producers in the area of Stampriet.

Klein explained that Agra identified the need in the area to establish a focused product and service delivery, hence the decision to invest in a retail outlet at Hardap to supply agronomic inputs such as seed, fertiliser, chemicals and other necessities for agronomic producers.

“We are one of the main pillars in the agricultural industry and through our extensive product range, Agra becomes more and more important to a larger and more diversified client base,” Klein said. - Staff Writer



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