Namsov commended for community development

03 April 2017

Oshana Regional Governor, Clemens Kashuupulwa, has commended Namsov Fishing Enterprises for its continued investment into community development, through its Regional Governors Development Program initiative. Namsov Fishing Enterprises, a unit of the Bidvest Namibia Group, embarked on the development programme in 2014, in partnership with the country’s 14 regional governors, where it has committed funding support over a three-year period, with N$21 million having been disbursed so far.

“The Namsov Regional Governors Development Program is a result-oriented development program, which was initiated with the purpose of complementing Government in its efforts of accelerating socio-economic development at grassroots level,” he told guests at a recent gala dinner held by the company in Rundu.

“The program has contributed remarkably to Namibia’s national development agenda, and has within a short period of time yielded notable results, in terms of job creation, women and youth empowerment, small-scale enterprise development, value-addition to natural resources, education and training, among other dimensions of socio-economic development.”

Kashuupulwa said the investment by the fishing company will contribute towards the attainment of the country’s national development objectives and the realisation of Vision 2030.

“In this regard, the Harambee Prosperity Plan, as an enabling tool, calls for both the public and private sector’s concerted efforts and cooperation, in building the Namibian House,” the governor said.

Vice President, Nickey Iyambo, who was speaking at the same event, challenged Namibian corporates to emulate Namsov’s efforts, and contribute to the development of the country.

“Let us commit ourselves as Namibians, and as investors to imitate what Namsov is doing.It should be commended and replicated across various business sectors in our country,” he said.

Iyambo called for equal sharing of the country’s resources, something which he said will contribute to the development of the country.

“Let’s halt old practices, in which an extreme form of capitalism is practiced, whereby only a few and same individuals are empowering themselves, without bringing the community on board. This sole empowerment approach of profit at all costs, ‘only for me, my family and friends’, should come to an end,” he said.

“By so doing, all Namibians will feel a sense of ownership of their resources and the wealth being produced in their country. This, in turn, will ensure continued peace, stability and freedom, which we have fought for; and for which many of our compatriots have paid for in blood.”

Namsov Fishing Enterprises Chairperson and Bidvest Namibia Chief Executive Officer, Sebby Kankondi, said the company was excited about its partnership with the regional governors, which allowed it to aggressively share the dividends that it receives, with communities.

“We are excited and happy that the honourable governors agreed, three years ago, to partner with us. We found them to be practical, energetic and very simple men and women, to work with. More importantly, because of the governors’ proximity to the real challenges that are facing the Namibian citizens, on a daily basis, they are assisting us in understanding the requirements and inspirations of our grassroots,” he said.

“We have taken deliberate decisions to do all this with the regional governors, because it makes business sense. Their skills and proximity to the people, in all corners of Namibia, is a strength that business acumen should not ignore.”

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