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Immanuelre-elected as Walvis Bay mayor

09 December 2016
Author   Donna Collins
Walvis Bay Mayor Wilfred Immanuel has been re-elected for a second term at a final council meeting of the year, which took place this week.
During the meeting, Immanuel described 2016 a “productive year”, and highlighted some of the multi-million dollar projects that have been initiated and implemented over the past 12 months.
“I am proud to be a member of this capable team, which is essentially the same team that started at the end of last year, meaning that our style of managing this town will continue uninterrupted,” he said.
Since November 2015 the council has approved building plans to the value of over N$680 million, with the value of completed building structures recorded at about N$285 million over the same period. 
A total of 242 residential properties, 187 flats, 14 industrial buildings, seven commercial buildings and 109 additions to existing structures were completed.
Another feather in the council’s cap was the completion of the N$15 million Narraville Community Hall.
A project involving the resealing of streets and sidewalks, as well as the paving of sidewalks, went ahead at a cost of N$5,5 million. This project is earmarked to include all suburbs in Walvis Bay and will be implemented gradually over the next few months, until the end of the financial year.
“The total project costs for tarring the streets in the different suburbs of Walvis Bay is about N$48 million,” he said, adding that an amount of N$8,6 million was recently approved for the tarring of roads in Kuisebmond’s Extension 3.
This is the area where the town’s Mass Housing Project was implemented.
To speed up completion of the project, the tarring programme was awarded to four different contractors.
Immanuel said that the council is also in the process of attending to some town planning matters, which will result in the servicing of more than 2,000 additional erven.
“We also have it on record that our local tender board has approved and awarded tenders to the value of over N$67 million for upcoming projects.
“Of this amount, about N$31 million was awarded for electrical and civil services for Kuisebmond Extension 10 and for the upgrade of the waste water treatment plant.
“We are also in the process of establishing a ‘Master Plan’ for Farm 58, behind the area of Dune 7, which will lead towards the establishment of a heavy industrial township for Walvis Bay, which will benefit the town and the country at large.”
A further N$15,8 million is being invested to upgrade the waste water treatment plant, to address the sewerage problems experienced in Walvis Bay.
Other enhancements and developments to the town during the past year include the construction of an additional pump station in Kuisebmond, the erection of boundary walls at the cemeteries in Walvis Bay and the construction of the Kuisebmond netball courts and informal trade stalls.
An amount of N$2,4 million was invested on purchasing refuse trucks, loaders and rental of huge refuse bins, to assist with refuse removal services, especially in respect of bulk consumers and some communal residential areas.
“Very high standards have been set by this council and the accomplishments were meaningful and rewarding, with us ending the year stronger and better prepared for the future, as not only are we the vehicles for delivering crucial services, but we are also responsible for promoting social equality and building good relations with our various communities.
“Walvis Bay is growing quickly and we need to keep pace with finding solutions to the many obstacles, before they become undefeatable dilemmas, but we are about to witness a new phase of a town, whose population is learning to rally around a shared vision, and a more prosperous town that cares for its people.”