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Arno shares his Y’ello journey

06 December 2019
In line with the ethos of the MTN Group of making a meaningful impact in the markets that it operates in,MTN Namibia launched its inaugural Graduate Trainee Programme this year. 
There are five graduates from recognized universities accepted from over 200 applications. The 24-month initiative by the telecommunications company is designed to give graduates the best hands-on training specific to MTN business units.  The program particularly focuses on Finance, Information Technology, Networks, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources.  It’s also part of the company’s contribution to skills development in Namibia. Below is a brief interview with one of the trainees,Arno Norich, an Industrial Psychology from the University of Namibia on his journey thus far.
Q) Tell us about yourself and your area of study?
AN) I am Arno Norich a very dynamic and ambitious graduate who hails from a small town called Tsumeb. I hold an Honors degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Namibia.
Q) How did you hear about the MTN graduate trainee program and what motivated you to apply?
AN) I heard about the program through MTN’s social media platforms and what motivated me to apply for this program was the prospect of working for a brand that is well established and whose values are not so different from my own. I was also motivated by the prospect of being part of a brand that is always striving to achieve and where change is not shunned upon but rather embraced and also where the willingness to push boundaries and limits is encouraged.
Q) What impact has the MTN initiative had on your life?
AN) MTN’s initiative to empower the youth through its graduate program has had a huge impact on my life, not only was I presented with the opportunity to grow professionally, but it also fostered within me the willingness to achieve more and overcome the fear of being average.
Q) How do you describe your journey so far since you joined the program?
AN) My journey has been a learning one in the sense of requiring me to unlearn what I thought was required of me to succeed and re-learning attributes and behaviors required to succeed.
Q) In terms of learning, would you say it’s providing the much needed on the job training as you expected?
AN) In all honesty, the knowledge I have acquired in the program thus far has exceeded my expectation due to its never-ending learning nature. The MTN culture requires you to learn, learn, learn.
Q) What would you say are the 5 things that you have learnt and stick out for you?
AN) I have learned that if you want to go fast, go alone, however, if you want to go further, go together in short teamwork makes the dreamwork.
- I have learned how to be more proactive
- I have learned to foster within me a can-do attitude.
-I have learned to see the best in everything and everyone.
-I have learned to persevere.

Q) What can you say has been the most challenging about the program so far?
AN) The program has no room for complacency, something which I feel is challenging but is also a tool for growth.
Q) What would you say to those that might want to apply for the program?
AN) If you want to flourish and grow, MTN is your ideal place.
Q) Any last words that you might want to share?
AN) I would just like to show gratitude to MTN for giving me this opportunity, because graduate unemployment is a serious issue in this country and being in a position to learn and grow is an honor and privilege. I would also like to encourage graduates to be on the lookout for this opportunities as thy help shape their careers.

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