Debmarine embarks on career outreach programmes

07 June 2019
In a move aimed at sensitizing about careers in the marine recovery industry, bursaries and scholarships offered by the Company, Debmarine Namibia stretched the School Outreach programme to the northern regions of Namibia namely: Omusati Region, Ohangwena Region, Kavango West Region, Kavango East Region and Zambezi Region respectively.
In Omusati Region, the Company visited Negumbo Senior Secondary School and Onampira Secondary School; Mwadikange Kaulinge Secondary School and Haimbili Senior Secondary School in Ohangwena Region; St.Boniface College and Rukonga Vision in Kavango East; ELCIN Nkurenkuru High school and Kandjiimi Murangi Secondary School in Kavango West as well as Katima Mulilo Combined School and Caprivi Senior Secondary School in Zambezi Region.
Debmarine through its School Outreach programme is committed to ensuring that information pertaining to careers, Bursaries and Scholarship opportunities reach out to every Namibian child for the betterment of their future.
During the School Outreach programme, former products of various schools visited, who are currently employed by Debmarine Namibia and inspired the learners through sharing their journeys.
Speaking at ELCIN Nkurenkuru High School, Debmarine Namibia’s Senior Exploration Geologist, Sitoka Stefanus, and a product of ELCIN Nkurenkuru High School encouraged learners to make use of all career information provided to them and choose their careers wisely.
During his speech Sitoka said “you all should consider yourselves very lucky to be born in this era were you have companies like Debmarine Namibia coming to you with career information that is intended to benefit your future. Back in my time when I was still in school, we did not receive this type of information. In fact, being in remote areas itself even disadvantaged us because the newspapers we used to get were two months old.”
Principals of the schools visited commended Debmarine Namibia for embarking on this programme to benefit the Namibian child.
Mutabelezi Petuho, Katima Mulilo Combined School Principal said “we hardly get companies like Debmarine Namibia taking time out of their busy schedules to provide information to our learners. Especially our schools in remote areas. Therefore, we are grateful and privileged to be visited through this School Outreach programme and we will continue to remind our learners on all opportunities provided by Debmarine Namibia and what they need to do to grab them”.
The next School Outreach programme is planned to reach schools in !Karas and Erongo Region for reminder of the year.


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