FNB customer happy with banks service

10 May 2019
Business Intelligence Africa (BIA) recently conducted an online Customer Satisfaction Survey of existing FNB customers using international benchmark standards.
The survey aimed to solicit feedback based on a cause-and-effect model that measures satisfaction quantitatively as the result of survey-measured input of customer expectations, perceptions of quality, and perceptions of value (i.e. quality for cost). Quinten Potgieter, Customer Strategy Manager at FNB Namibia said that the bank was extremely grateful to the more than 5500 FNB customers that participated in the survey. “We are serious about ensuring customer centricity throughout our processes, products and our people, and providing platforms for our customers to provide feedback regularly is vital. Along with this annual survey, we run daily SMS branch feedback opportunities on teller service across the country, provide an online CARE system access to log compliments or complaints, and our contact centre agents are multi-skilled and eager to apply their ongoing customer service skills training.”
The survey’s results are aggregated and while there is always room for improvement, and many lessons to be learnt, FNB is convinced that old and new customers will soon feel the benefit of the understanding gained. While some customers may be satisfied with their bank’s performance, it usually takes an extra step for them to recommend it to their friends and family. “The overall Customer Satisfaction Survey outcome was 7.9 out of a possible ten score, however, more importantly is the likelihood of customer recommending their bank to their family and friends. Having customers be brand ambassadors is the goal FNB continues to set for itself,” Potgieter said.
Unsurprisingly, FNB customers rated the quality of products and solutions experienced at eight. One out of a possible ten, which referencing the bank’s commitment to Innovation and relevant products and solutions to Namibians.
On the topic of reliability Potgieter said: “Reliability is important to all of us, it speaks to things working when we need them to work, no matter where we are. It is therefore great to know that our customers find us reliable in these economic times,” adding that the bank was pleased with the overall results and more importantly delighted at the overwhelming number of customers who took time out of their busy schedules to take part and offer their feedback. This signifies that a valuable partnership between the bank and its customers exists, setting a great foundation for future improvements.


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