Pay elite cycling team off to SA

HREE of the Physically Active Youth (PAY) cyclist Fiffy Kashululu, JoJoe Hamunyela and Lucky Mbako left toPotchefstroom, South Africa on 30 September for training at the UCI camp.

The three athletes will be stationed in South Africa for the next month and a half, as they will be training in South Africa at the UCI Camp.

The PAY program announced that after only one year from the birth of its programme, the three cyclists continue to makehistory, as they will be one of the first and strongest teams Namibia has ever sent to this specialised training camp for elite cyclists.

Due to the success of Fiffy Kashululu and his teammates at the Tanzania UCI Talent Identification Camp, the team could qualify to attend the UCI Camp in Potchefstroom.

According to PAY Namibia, Lucky Mbako and JoJoe Hamunyela worked extremely hard to earn their spots with the support of their coach Ananais Tamati and MJ Ndimbira at this prestigious training camp.

The PAYCentre statedthat they wouldmiss the excitement, energy and passion this team brought to the organisation every single day.

The athletes have not only been extremely successful in multiple races throughout Namibia, but have also acted as coaches and role models to the younger participants at PAY.

PAY’s Volunteer, Jordan Frost said, “This team has come a long way in a short period of time and has put in the effort to deserve this amazing opportunity to reach the next level of cycling.

“Through this international exposure, I am confident the boys will use this camp to propel them to their dreams of becoming a professional cycling team.

“I one day hope, the athletes at PAY that this fine gentleman has taught and inspired can follow in the footsteps and success of the first ever PAY Elite Cycling Team”. - Additional reporting from Physically Active Youth news