Commission needs Government backing

THE three-year-old Namibian Competition Commission needs support from the Government and private sector in order to succeeded, Chunlin Zhang, an official of the World Bank office in Pretoria said in an interview.

The commission had Zhang as one of its speakers at a workshop it hosted in Windhoek this week.
Speaking on the sidelines of the workshop, Zhang told the Windhoek Observer that it was obvious a new institution like the commission needed support to accumulate experience.
He said sometimes matters handled by the commission become complicated and inevitably, wherever there is competition policy, controversy follows.
He said views always differ and winners and losers emerge. “So the competition commission will need strong political support from the Government,” he said.
He does not expect the commission to scare off foreign investors planning to invest in Namibia.
“You cannot scare investors by increasing competition; you could scare investors when there is no competition.
“For example, when I want to come to Namibia and everything is monopolised by one powerful company that would scare investors,” he said.
He expressed the view that competition will not scare strong competitive companies.
“It is like the Olympic Games, if you are a strong player, you would not be scared by fair competition.
“I think the commission is doing very well and we [World Bank] are trying to figure out a way to work together with them. We are trying to provide some World Bank technical support to them and help them to make progress,” Zhang added.



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