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Knowledgeable brooms needed in sport administration

One does not hire a plumber to install electrical wiring in your home, so why do certain sport codes have administrators who have little or no knowledge of the sport they are supposed to be running effectively?
Could this be one of the chief reasons why the majority of sport codes are facing persistent challenges, including around funding?
Perhaps what we need are knowledgeable brooms that can sweep our sport codes clean of their ongoing mess.
Let’s face it, some sport administrators have no idea about what running a certain sport code entails, and are in their positions simply because they are ‘connected’ to someone in authority.
Proper administrators are supposed to implement various measures to ensure a constant inflow of income, which includes maintaining a sound relationship with sponsors.
They are also required to forge ahead, despite the internal and external challenges they may face.
During recent interactions with the Windhoek Observer, three different high-profile individuals lamented the state of sport administration in the country.
Boxing trainer Imms Pewa Moses, who plies his trade at the Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy raised concerns over the recently appointed Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB).
Without mentioning any names, Moses said some board members had no link whatsoever to boxing circles, but had found their way onto the board.
“Some of these guys are just appointed to these positions, and we have never rubbed shoulders with them since we joined boxing, but all of a sudden they have found themselves in the coveted seats.
“It is high time that we start appointing people on merit. If someone has a passion for any sport, they are bound to go further and drive its agenda fully.
“This is contrary to a person without any prior knowledge of the sport, as they will only ‘serve’ to fill up their pockets, at the expense of the sport itself. And by the end of their tenure, there will be nothing to show for it. Such people will also not be moved to show tangible results,” Moses said.
He also bemoaned the fact that people who have no experience in boxing were starting boxing academies, leading to the exploitation of boxers.
“Also, for one to start a boxing academy they should also know what is entailed in the day-to-day running of the stable. This will also add knowledge on what are the set requirements for them to thrive and approach potential partners.
“They must also refrain from robbing boxers of their hard-earned money, as these guys go through a lot to compete for 12 rounds.”
Namibia Chess Federation (NCF) Vice President, Charles Eichab, said recently that for any sport code to thrive, there was need to bring people on board, who had a sound knowledge of the sport, as they would not have personal agendas or interests.
Eichab said in their sport code, everyone involved played chess, and they had a passion to see upcoming youth prosper in the sport.
They were therefore willing to go the extra mile.
Namibia Hockey Union (NHU) President, Marc Nel, singled out football as a disorganised sport code, which had disorganised administrators, who had messed up the lives of over the 600 players that were previously benefiting from the country’s premier league.
He said most of these administrators had their own agendas, and hence they had not made any effort to consistently explore new avenues to raise much-needed funds.
With this in mind, I believe it is therefore critical that the powers that be interrogate the issue of sport administrators, going forward.
During these times of austerity and funding pains, sport codes can ill-afford the ongoing bumbling we see unfolding around us.