Marggraff to compete at Grand Prix

Namibian cyclist Pascal Marggraff will be competing in the Western Cape Grand Prix 2016 on 7 and 8 October at the Bellville Velodrome.
Marggraff will participate at the interprovincial racing event, after she recently qualified as part of the Western Province Endurance Team.
“I started to study engineering at the University of Stellenbosch last year, and with track cycling in the middle of September 2015, because I was not able to train the long hours necessary to compete in the elite category in road cycling.
“I joined the Track Cycling South Africa club and took up training with my coach Jaco Scholtz.
“Track cycling is, compared to road cycling, rather dangerous, due to the fact that the bicycles are single speeded, fixed geared and have no brakes.
“That is why the rules are very strict and I was only allowed to participate in races at the end of the year, when I proved I had experience with bike control at the Velodrome,” Marggraff said.
In the Grand Prix events, every rider has to start in Category C - the lowest of three categories.
Confidence and winning in a certain number of races allows riders to move up in the categories.
In her first race in 2016, she was allowed to move up to Category B, after she finished the first leg (consisting of four races) in second place.
“Since then I started to train seriously, with the aim on competing in the interprovincial race on 7 and 8 October, at the Bellville Velodrome.
“I was finally permitted to race with the elites exactly one year after I started with track cycling.
“ In that race I finished in 7th place in the 1500m sprint discipline, 4th in the 8km points race (there are points awarded to the first five riders that cross the line after every eight laps) and a 3rd place in the 15km race.”
With these results, she qualified for the Western Province Endurance Team, which will participate in the interprovincial races next month.