Let there be light

Darkness is the absence of light.  In a figurative sense, it is the absence of truth and justice. By contrast, light represents life, and thus truth and justice. Light shines when people pursue higher states of consciousness beyond the vulgar materialism of imperialism.
Our current era is characterized by moral darkness. Modern science and technology have produced marvellous inventions that have the potential to totally eradicate hunger, disease, ignorance and many other socio-economic evils within our lifetime.  Unfortunately, due to greed, humans have plunged the world into an abyss.
If only humans can re-discover the purpose of their creation. The fact is that humans were not created to destroy, and thus they are not wired that way. But somehow, humans have short-circuited their own internal wiring; the evidence is there for everyone to see.
There was a period in European history that was known as the Dark Ages.  It was an early medieval period between about 500 and 1000 AD, and was ushered in by the fall of the Roman Empire in Western Europe. It was a period marked by incessant warfare, accusations of witchcraft, disease and intellectual death.  Some historians even call this the period of barbarity!
Over time, Europe started to slowly pull itself out of this very depressing situation. Interestingly, this light came from Africa, particularly Egypt, Songhai, Mali and other great African civilisations. 
There were great African centres of learning, such as Timbuktu and Alexandria, and great scholars from these centres came into contact with the Greeks and Romans.
The European Renaissance was conceived and born in these chaotic times. European scholars started focusing on studying Greek and Arabic works of natural sciences, philosophy and mathematics.
Arab/African scholars used to preserve the writings of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks in their libraries.
During trade between Romans and Arabs/Africans, ideas were exchanged along with goods. These ideas served as the basis of the European Renaissance
You will be surprised to know that the word algebra comes from the Arabic word, “al-jabr”, literally meaning restoration.
Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (c. 780–850) was a great mathematician, who wrote the masterpiece “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing” that established algebra as a mathematical discipline independent of geometry and arithmetic. 
Computer programmers and applied mathematicians use the term “algorithm” (well-defined instructions for calculating a function), and this comes straight from the name of al-Khwarizmi!
Humans were created to participate in the divine process of creation. Europe (and its errant offspring, USA) acquired, by hook or crook, tremendous physical and intellectual resources, but it has unfortunately failed to deliver the fruits of human enlightenment.  Instead of employing the massive resources of the world for the benefit of all mankind, they are destroying the earth. 
Unfortunately, the European leadership (or lack thereof) has led us into this bottomless pit, where we shall remain stuck until the other side of eternity, unless we do something really radical to pull ourselves out as a matter of urgency. The lessons learned during the first Dark Ages seem to have been lost over the ages.
Forget about the empty rhetoric of resolutions from international talkshops; imperialism has reached a stage where it can only survive by keeping on destroying the world – and thereby destroying itself in the process. Imperialism is inherently unable to save the world and itself.  Its gains are very short-term on the human scale. 
Imperialism cannot live and let live – imperialists think that they must live and let die.  Unfortunately, the destruction comes back to haunt the very people who think that they can forever live on a paradise island that is surrounded by a sea of hell.
The bible says that it is terrible for people who have eyes, but cannot see, ears to hear, but cannot comprehend.  Similarly, it is terrible for the world now to have plenty of resources, yet people are still dying faster than flies. The world has acquired advanced knowledge and technology to save itself, but instead is using it for self-destruction.
Light and darkness cannot be present at the same time. Imagine being in a dark room at night, and when you reach for the switch to turn on the light, all you get is more darkness than you previously had. Terrible. How can light become darkness and darkness become even more darkness?
When darkness is self-created, and when it becomes self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating, then we are doomed.  Imagine a night with no morning; a night with no moon and stars; a night that runs away from the light of day.
Worst of all, darkness is sold to us as light, and light as darkness.  Massive resources are used to invert the truth such that falsehoods become the new truth. 
The good news is that darkness can never replace the light. On the contrary, whenever light enters any place, darkness runs away.
Thus, the revolution that is supposed to usher in a new day for the human race must be based on the light of truth and justice, so that the darkness of imperialism will run away, and keep running until infinity.
The high priests of imperialism can and must be defeated, without firing a single bullet.  As Lenin once said, the highest art of war is not to fight at all, but to demoralise the enemy such that it surrenders to the higher force of truth and justice. 
Or, to borrow from Martin Luher King Jr, the soul force always defeats the brutal physical force.       
Let us thus start now to let the light shine, the same light that God shone at the beginning of time, space and matter. 
Let the darkness of imperialism be defeated and sent back to where it belongs - hell, where there is fire and brimstone, and the eternal grinding of teeth....

Ondjirijo. Hijo.