Jooste unmoved by ‘white supremacy’ attack

Minister of Public Enterprises, Leon Jooste, says he is unmoved by comments made by Affirmative Repositioning movement leader, Job Amupanda, who claimed earlier this week that Namibia’s economy is in the hands of “white supremacy”.
In a statement titled ‘Harambee Era and Consolidation of White Supremacy’, Amupanda said on Monday that President Hage Geingob’s economic blueprint, the Harambee Prosperity Plan, is dominated by white people,  while black people are in charge of birth certificates, labour conflicts and the coronation of chiefs.
Amupanda added that Namibia’s finances, State-owned Enterprises and the City of Windhoek are now being driven by whites.
“There is a biologist called Calle Schlettwein who is Minister of Finance. He is responsible for the entire budget and finances of the country.
“Recently we have been made aware that the national capital, indeed the capital city Windhoek, has been delivered into the hands of Riaan Burger, (who is) to be the CEO.
“All public enterprises or State-owned Enterprises in Namibia are under the control of a man called Leon Jooste. He is responsible for key appointments of boards and subsequently CEOs. All these parastatals surely have a combined workforce of close to 10,000 employees and the economy that can easily total N$10 billion (sic),” Amupanda said.
But in an interview with the Windhoek Observer, Jooste said that an opinion based on one’s skin colour does not concern him.
“I have decided not to respond. The people who matter know who, and what I am, and they know why I do what I do, and what I sacrifice for that cause. The opinion of those who don’t know who I am and where I come from and base their opinion on the colour of another Namibian’s skin does not concern me,” Jooste said.
Amupanda went on to say that although Minister Immanuel Ngatjizeko is seen to be the head of the Trade, Industrialisation and SME Development Ministry, his deputy Piet Van Der Walt is actually in charge.
“Since the ministry of trade is headed by a very old and tired freedom fighter, the real show of the national trade, industrialisation and SME development agenda is run by businessman Piet Van Der Walt who is a deputy minister.
“Malan Lindeque, who was previously in charge of national trade, sits comfortably as Permanent Secretary of Environment, controlling the billion dollar industry – tourism (sic).
“We are in shebeens while Lindeque and friends are profiting from lodges and tourists,” Amupanda claimed.
“The business community in the form of Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is headed by Sven Thieme (sic). This man is also in charge of the national broadcaster, the nbc. Before that he was in charge of the Development Bank of Namibia.
“White supremacy is effectively in charge of our economy. White monopoly is in charge of economic policy.”
Van Der Walt told the Windhoek Observer that he is not concerned about himself, but what Amupanda said about his minister.
“I am more concerned about what he said about Minister Ngatjizeko. He is full of wisdom and deserves all the respect. That’s all I can say, everybody is entitled to their own opinions,” the deputy minister said.