Ninety days miracle marriage

After 12 years together without taking the plunge, a couple from Alleluia Ministries Namibia is finally getting married after receiving anointing at the 90 day miracle marriage conference that was recently held in South Africa.
Founder of the church, Pastor Alph Lukau, held a Marriage Miracle Conference in Johannesburg, on 9 September for women seeking marriage proposals.
The conference was attended by women from all corners of the world, each paying between N$450 to N$5000.
At the conference, the pastor anointed the women’s ring fingers and told them to expect a husband within three months.
Among those who attended the conference were women from the Namibian congregation under the leadership of Pastor Mike Songiso.
One of the women, who did not want to be named, could not get married because her family was against the idea of her getting married to her boyfriend.

In an interview they gave in church, the woman and her soon to be husband said that they had bought rings about three years ago, but they just could not marry each other. It was only after the prophetic word was released that the father of the lady contacted the church to give his blessing to the union.
The couple is getting married next week.
Alleluia Ministries Namibia Pastor, Mike Songiso, refuted allegations that the church charges people for prayers, saying that many people judge from far, without knowledge of what is going on in the church.
“Alleluia Ministries has been in existence for 14 years and we have never charged anybody for (prayers at) any of our meetings,” he said.
The man of the cloth added that people paid different amounts to attend the conference, but nobody was forced to pay a higher amount, while everybody was informed why they were paying.
This comes after the church was accused of charging for prayers in an ‘exposé’ on the eNCA television programme titled Checkpoint, which aired last week.
The programme investigated Pastor Lukau, who was holding the Marriage Miracle Conference.
At the conference, the pastor anointed the wedding ring fingers of women, and told them to expect a husband within three months.
“The 90 days were a prophecy that God gave to our man of God and he declared that those desiring to get married, by faith would do so,” he said.
According to the prophecy, some will meet their marriage partners within 90 days, while some would have known each other for some time.
“There is no one putting a gun on anybody’s head to get married within a period of time. It is a prophecy that has been released. A prophecy is a declared word from God, through the man of God revealing what is to come,” Pastor Songiso said.
 “We offer counselling to those who desire marriage counselling and we usually agree with the couple and find out when they would be getting married. We do not want to have marriage counselling for people who are not planning on getting married. What is the point?
“In 2 Chronicles 20v20 it says ‘Believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. Believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper’. The Bible says for our establishment, we need to put our faith, confidence and belief in God for things to materialise in our lives. For manifestations of the promises of God, the Bible says we need to believe in the prophet,” he said.