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Nghimtina’s former PA still squats in govt flat

More than a year after he was told to vacate a government owned flat, former personal assistant to the then Minister of Works and Transport, Erkki Nghimtina, is still refusing to move out of the property, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.
The Windhoek Observer reported last year that Joas Shimunyenga was told to vacate the flat  near the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), after he lost his post when the new Cabinet was announced in March last year.
However, Ministry of Works and Transport Public Relations Officer, Julius Ngweda, told the Windhoek Observer this week that Shimunyenga is still staying in the government flat.
His occupation of the flat had been included as part of his employment contract, which has since been terminated.
Shimunyenga’s contract ended when Nghimtina was moved to his new post as Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation.
“He is still staying in the flat. We do not know why. We were of the view that he was shifted from our ministry to another position somewhere in the government, but there was nothing like that,” Ngweda said.
He said that the labour ministry has also written a letter to them, confirming that Shimunyenga had not followed Nghimtina to his new ministry.
“We had thought that he had followed the minister to the labour ministry, but I requested such information, and they wrote to me saying that there is no such person in their employment system list,” Ngweda explained.
Asked what would be the way forward on the matter, Ngweda said it is now up to Nghimtina to resolve the matter.

“Right now, we will leave everything in the hands of his former boss, because the arrangements were between the two of them,” he said.
Shimunyenga refused to answer to questions posed by the Windhoek Observer.
Last year, when the newspaper reported the story, Nghimtina, said the agreement was that Shimunyenga would stay in the flat temporarily.
“I am not aware that he is still staying in that flat; the agreement was for him to live there, because he was my personal assistant; but now that he is no longer with me, it is none of my business.
“The contract [to live in a government flat] expires automatically once you are no longer a civil servant. The condition was for him to live there while working, but not permanently,” Nghimtina told the Windhoek Observer at the time.