Court clerk accused of taking bribes

At least one Rundu Magistrate’s Court clerk has been accused of accepting bribes from members of the public to make traffic tickets disappear, the Windhoek Observer has been told.
This emerged after the Rundu Traffic Department lodged an investigation to trace more than 500 people, who have ignored their tickets, and now have warrants of arrest issued against them.
A source within the Rundu Magistrate’s Court said this week that the clerk, whose identity the Windhoek Observer cannot reveal at this stage as he has not appeared in court, has been accepting bribes from drivers, so he can make tickets disappear in the system.
“It is not allowed and it’s a big issue. It is not right and it is against the law,” the source said.
When contacted for comment, the clerk denied the allegations against him.
“I am not aware of such allegations against me. People talk and there is so much infighting going on at our work, regarding administration stuff. I don’t know what reasons they have to accuse me,” he said.
Rundu Traffic Department Chief Inspector, John Ndumba, confirmed that investigations were currently underway to determine whether the allegations were true.
“Yes we have discovered that only this week, but we have already lodged an investigation, so that we can get to the bottom of this. Yes, some clerks are involved and that’s according to some of the people, who have been issued tickets before,” Ndumba said.
He added that no one had been arrested yet in connection with the matter.
“We have realised that so many people are failing to pay their tickets. Then when I took up the issue, some people came to report that magistrate clerks are involved. I cannot mention names right now, as we are still investigating the matter,” Ndumba explain.
Magistrate Commission Chairperson, Nate Ndauendapo, said he will appoint someone to look into the matter.
“This has not yet been brought to my attention. But we will appoint someone to investigate the matter on behalf of the Magistrate Commission.
“This is a criminal conduct, and if we are satisfied with the probe, then we will take it further,”Ndauendapo said.