Senior govt staffer assaults colleague

Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Chief of Human Resources, Herbert Mouton, stands accused of assaulting a junior staff member, after the victim allegedly laughed at him.
The incident took place on Monday.
Mouton’s junior, Tuwilika Alfeus, said her boss assaulted her, after what she described as a “normal conversation”.
Narrating the events that led to the alleged assault, Alfeus said Mouton has been very disrespectful towards her ever since she joined the ministry in March this year, and she does not understand why.
“We work in the same department and I report to him. Ever since I started working for the ministry, he has been shouting at me.
“I cannot even differ with him on something, because he will get angry,” Alfeus said.
“Last month, we started working overtime, and we came up with a rule that every time someone is absent from work, we draw a line through their name in the register book.”
The 30-year-old woman said one day Mouton was absent from work, and when he returned he found a line drawn through his name, and he became furious.
“He started questioning who had drawn a line through his name, but because we did not know who had done it, he became furious and blamed everyone.
“Because of his temper, I laughed and that’s when he hit me,” she said.
A case of assault (CR 611/09/2016) was opened on Tuesday at the Windhoek Central Police Station.
Alfeus said she had to be taken to the Wanaheda Medical Centre to be examined after the assault.
“Many times he would threaten me that he will fire me, because he is my supervisor and so on. I really do not know why. I think he just has personal issues with me.
“I am submitting my grievance letter this week. He is a racist and does not know how to work with others. Doctors have referred me to a psychologist,” Alfeus said.
Rauna Shipepe, a colleague of both Mouton and Alfeus, told the Windhoek Observer that she was present when the alleged assault happened this week.
“I was there when it happened. Yes, he hit her. I found them at work already, just talking. Then around 07h45, the boss (Mouton) came in asking who drew a line through his name, but because none of us did it, we kept quiet.
“Then he just started arguing and threatening us, and when Alfeus laughed, he hit her,” Shipepe said.
When contacted for comment, Mouton denied assaulting Alfeus.
“It is not true. I did not hit her. I am not allowed to speak out, I know my rights,” Mouton said, before hanging up the phone.
When contacted for comment, Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Sanet Steenkamp referred questions to the Acting PS, Charles Kabadjani.
“The issue must still be sitting at the bottom where the HRs are. I will take the matter up to find out what really happened,”Kabadjani said.