Stolen meat scandal rocks DTA

DTA parliamentarian, Vipuaa Muharukua, and DTA Youth League Secretary General, Bensen Katjirijova, stand accused of stealing meat meant for a youth league fundraising event that was scheduled to take place ahead of the Regional Council and Local Authority elections in November last year.

Sources within DTA also accused party President McHenry Venaani for turning a blind eye, after meat that was donated by a party benefactor as well as money that was raised from a braai, vanished into thin air.
“They stole meat that was meant for a youth league fundraising event last year. There has so far been no investigation by the management committee, although the party’s president has promised to fight corruption. It is not fair,” a youth league source told the Windhoek Observer this week.
 “They also ate up the money from a braai worth N$8,000. Immanuel Shikongo, the Chairperson of the Youth League is fighting for justice, and is trying to find out answers from them, but they have since decided not to call him to their meetings anymore,” the source alleged.
When contacted for comment, Muharukua said he was driving.
“I cannot talk to you now about this, as I am driving somewhere. Give me time, so I can explain myself better, let me call you back,” he said.
When pressed further, the opposition MP said: “Look, first you need to tell me what fundraising was this. When did it happen? Is this exactly what you are going to write in the newspaper?  I really do not want to associate myself with rumour-mongering.”
Katjirijova told the Windhoek Observer that these allegations were coming from members of the DTA Youth League, who are still bitter after failing to be elected in party positions.
“I don’t know how to explain this to you. Look, we all know each other in this party, and there is no truth in this. But what I can tell you is that some people are saying these things, because they were not elected.
“The party elected certain people in positions and some of these people fell out of the positions they were aiming for, and now they are saying such things out of frustration.
“The president should not even be dragged into this matter,” Katjirijova added.
Shikongo could neither deny nor confirm that there was an investigation going on in the party, because of the stolen meat.
“You are putting me in trouble. Where did you get such information? Well, I cannot confirm or deny, but there is something like that.
“But this matter did not happen on the mother body level, but at the youth league level. We wanted to open our own bank account, so we can rely on ourselves, in terms of finance. So, because there was a campaign going on, we received cattle as sponsorship for the fundraiser, and then the two never arranged the event.
“We are now in September, and until now, there is no report over this,” Shikongo said.
DTA Treasurer General and member of the party’s management committee, Nico Smit, said he is not at liberty to comment on the matter as the youth league has its own internal disciplinary structures. 
“However, what I can confirm is that the head office - through the Office of the National Chairperson, as the head of discipline - has not received a written compliant to this effect,” Smit said.
“These allegations are indeed very worrying and serious. Therefore, should there be any substance and evidence to back them up, I would encourage those who have chosen to run to the media to instead follow the correct channels and lodge a formal complaint, first within the internal youth league structures, and should that fail, then only with the national chairperson. 
“It is unfortunate that there are members within the party who are more interested in talking to the media, than they are in making efforts to raise and address these issues internally within the youth league and the party.”
Venaani could not be reached for comment.