Arrest warrant issued for Kalondo

A warrant of arrest has been issued for well-known radio personality, Tashia Kalondo, after she failed to appear at a scheduled hearing last month at the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court.
Kalondo, who is First Lady Monica Geingos’ younger sister, was arrested nine months ago for alleged drunk driving.
She was arrested after she refused to accept a ticket for driving without a licence, during a routine stop at the Walvis Bay roadblock on 4 January.
It is alleged that she tore up the ticket, before speeding off in the direction of Swakopmund, resulting in a car chase, and her subsequent arrest for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.
This week, an official at the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court, who refused to be identified, confirmed that Kalondo’s case had been postponed on 23 March to 1 August for laboratory results.
The official said further that Kalondo had not appeared in court on 1 August, and an arrest warrant was subsequently issued.
“Her case was scheduled for 1 August for lab results, but she did not come. She is now on a warrant of arrest. This means that the police are looking for her, wherever she is. It also means that if they find her, they will arrest her any time,” the official said.
Magistrate John Liwoyo Sindano, in front of whom Kalondo was supposed to have appeared, referred questions to her lawyer, Norman Tjombe.
“You see, I am not supposed to discuss such matters with the media. Please contact her lawyer for more information or talk to the clerks about the case,” Sindano said.
Tjombe explained to the Windhoek Observer that there had been no magistrates available during the week that Kalondo had been scheduled to appear in court last month.
“Prior to the scheduled appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court on 1 August, we learnt that there would be no magistrates available for the entire week, as they were attending a conference.
“We then made arrangements with the prosecutor for that court to have the matter postponed, and the date agreed upon was 19 October,” Tjombe said.
He added that they have now made an arrangement, so that the warrant of arrest cannot be executed until October.
“We also made arrangements that - considering that the matter would simply be postponed, and our client is residing in Windhoek, and have to travel to Walvis Bay to only have the matter postponed – she be excused from attending to the court, and a warrant of arrest be issued, but held over until 19 October (i.e. the next appearance).
“These arrangements were made telephonically and confirmed in writing. The record of the day’s proceedings should also reflect the same.  
“That in fact is what happened. The warrant of arrest will not and cannot be executed until 19 October, and then only if she does not appear in court. If a warrant of arrest had been issued, it was done wrongly and is liable to be set aside,” Tjombe said.
Kalondo is out on N$4,000 bail.
Namibian Police Public Relations Division Head, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, said he will take up the matter.
“This is very simple. Even if it was me arrested and failed to appear in court, I should just be arrested. Why hasn’t she been arrested yet? The investigating officer in this case should just explain what happened to this case. I will take it up,” Kanguatjivi said.