City defies Shaningwa

national 2 septThe City of Windhoek has recommended that a piece of land, the size of 43 football fields, be sold to former Deputy Mayor, Mwadhina Veico’s company, in defiance to Urban and Rural Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa, who objected to the sale last year.
The company, Kamake Properties, intends to build flats on the land situated in Rocky Crest.
The decision by the City to recommend that Kamake Properties be given the land was taken on Wednesday evening during a council meeting, where Nudo councillor Joseph Kauandenge objected to the matter being discussed in camera.
He later walked out of the gathering.
In an interview with the Windhoek Observer, the opposition politician said that executives are being “pressurised by politicians” to go ahead with the deal.
“I walked out tonight (on Wednesday), because I’m tired of how opposition councillors are treated in the council. The issue of Kamake Properties cc was deliberately put in camera, so that newspapers cannot know the truth.
“The truth I’m referring to is that this company is owned by former Deputy Mayor Veico and this company was awarded excessive land in 2014. However, some executives were against this, but political pressure comes in and that land was allocated,” Kauandenge said.
He said that the cancellation of the allocation of the huge plot last November by Shaningwa was because the 43 hectare piece of land was simply too large for one entity.
“In 2015, Minister Shaningwa directed the City of Windhoek to cancel that land sale, as she said this land was too big for one company. However, all of a sudden the management committee brought this issue tonight in camera, with the recommendation that the former cancellation be reversed and that the land be allocated to the former deputy mayor.
“My problem is why the sudden change? Why in camera far from public scrutiny? And is it morally correct to give such a large piece of land to one company to build flats in Rocky Crest? This, among others reasons, is why I walked out. These people in charge are doing a disservice to our people,” Kauandenge said.
A local newspaper reported last year that, one of Veico’s partners in Kamake Properties is Koneka Nakuafila, who is the wife of the municipality’s Executive for Community Services, George Mayumbelo.
Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua and Deputy Mayor Fransina Kahungu pushed on Wednesday for the land deal to go through.
“If you are going to leave, it is your democratic right. No one will be against that. But let us obey the rules that the matter be in camera,” Kazapua told Kauandenge during the council meeting.
Sources within the City say that the executives are in support of the deal because they might have been promised some shares in the deal.
During a telephonic interview with the Windhoek Observer, Shaningwa said that she will deal with the matter once she is back in her office.
“I am very far in the regions now and I do not know what is happening over there. I’ll do so once I am back in the office,” Shaningwa said.