Vanity: 14 February is here again

It is that time of the year when we know that 2017 is truly moving along, and we’ve made it past those January blues.
Valentine’s Day is approaching and everyone is starting to run around like headless chickens, looking for somebody, anybody, to date.
Many are wallowing in singleness, hoping and praying for chocolates or flowers or a giant teddy bear, but too ashamed to openly ask for what they want or reveal what makes them feel loved.
Although things like candy, dinner for two or tickets to a music show are all normal things to look forward to on 14 February, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the idea of Valentine’s Day this year.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for the celebration of love. I’m just not looking forward to the same old things I’ve seen time and time again.
Yes, I’ve had some pretty underwhelming Valentine’s celebrations over the years, including dates with absentminded boys, who kept playing with their smartphones, and dinners with men who couldn’t afford to pamper, or who had other excuses I cannot remember.
Yet, I still like Valentine’s Day and I get excited about it. And trust me, I have also run around like poultry severed at the neck, trying to make it special and perfect.
I’ve always felt it was a necessary thing to include on the calendar, and is a wonderful time of the year for couples who are head over heels and wholeheartedly in love, as well as for singletons.
There is so much to do on this day, and so many ways to commemorate it, and as is often needed for some, so many ways to avoid it.
There is just so much going on, and in 2017, I feel underwhelmed. I fully understand why; having travelled, having experienced, having lived, I now want more. I want much, much more. 
I want to be whisked away to islands to spend time in beautiful villas and mansions that overlook the ocean. I want to wine and dine in the Eiffel Tower and swim in an infinity pool on the top floor of a skyscraper. 
Spoil me, pamper me, show me I am special, and shower me with attention. I think that is how you should celebrate such a special day, with a special young lady.
Now I know these things all sound like fantasies, which are too good to be true - and they probably are - but I’ve never been one to settle for less, and I don’t plan on starting now. Not in anything!
And especially not in terms of the things in life I feel I deserve; so if it does not happen on this Valentine’s Day, then it will happen on the next one, or the one after that; I am patient.
For now, I will celebrate on my own, the way I celebrate myself every other day of the year. I will get myself a few good movies, cook myself a delicious meal, fill up a tub with hot water and bubbles, rummage through my old novels for a classic read, have red wine with my other friends, and relax. 
To all of you, I wish the happiest of days!
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