Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

entertainmentIt is that time of the year when we are spreading love, giving it and expecting it in return.
Through all this, it can be very easy to forget that loving ourselves is just as important, if not more.
That is where the body positivity activists and singers Priscilla ‘The Namibian Dessert’ Swarts, Lize Ehlers and 40 beautiful ladies come in with the Love Yourself Campaign (LYC). Started last year to show how Namibian women can stand together and address issues like gender-based violence (GBV), the campaign features photographs of women of “different sizes, tribes, heritages, jobs and different personalities coming together to show we are all one”, said Ehlers.
This year’s campaign’s theme is ‘So Different, So The Same’.
“We featured big, small, white, black, coloured, employed, unemployed, mothers and daughters and we had the best fun,” said Ehlers.
The campaign, headed by Swarts, encourages the various women to be whistleblowers on GBV, corruption and unfair treatment, and to support each other on their journeys in the Land of the Brave.
“We spread the message on Facebook with the Love Yourself Campaign page. We spread the message through various social media platforms, by using so many different women, and they then access their own communities,” Ehlers also said.
The ladies hope to continue to inspire hope, confidence and fun, as they did with their 2016 campaign, which encourages women to talk positively to each other, show up for each other and be reliable women of substance.
“We hope to change negative habits, the lack of self-worth that people have and achieve self-acceptance. The biggest wish for us all is to have a GBV-free Namibia and world,” added Swarts.
Moving forward, The Namibian Dessert Queen has already decided that 2018 will focus on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in Namibia and plans to find a concept to explore confidence, tolerance, acceptance and beauty.
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