Vanity: Only moving forward

There isn’t enough time in the world to do everything. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to sleep till my heart’s content, to get ready for work, to find an outfit to wear, to do my make-up and hair - to basically do anything.
I cannot fix that. I cannot slow down time or make it stop and wait for me. I can’t bargain with it to give me more of itself and I can’t force it to bend to my will.
Slowly but surely, no matter what I do, no matter how tightly I hold onto time, it always slips through my fingers.
Sometimes it passes so slowly, it feels like the moment will last forever, like I could stay as I am for as long as I could. Other times, it is too fast for me to keep up with; too fleeting for me to hold on to.
Controlling time is the one thing in life most people feel utterly helpless about in this world. For all your crying and begging and hoping for more time to do more, to be more and say more, you get nothing in return. Time doesn’t even stop to listen to you. So, while you and I are whining and praying and trying to slow it down, it soldiers on, relentlessly.
So what do we do about that? Since it’s clear that there is no pausing and no rewinding, only moving forward, we can only accept and do what we can with the time that we’ve been given.
We have to live in every moment that we have and boldly use every opportunity that presents itself.
Yes, we can take photos and videos and try our mightiest to hold onto the greatest moments, but the truth is that time makes those moments of life, fleeting.
So what I do is cherish the time I have; I just let go and see where the chips fall.
There is joy in letting go; in accepting, in understanding and in going with the flow. When you unshackle yourself from the prison of time, especially when you realise it’ll be there no matter what you do, you have a weight removed your shoulders.
For myself, this year, I pledge to worry less, to look at the watch on my wrist or the time on my phone a lot less.  I pledge to hurry other people less, and to throw stress-related to time concerns, out of the window.
I will use my time to enjoy the simple things in life like the beauty around me and the joy in people and places and experiences.
In 2017, let’s all let go!
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