Depp spends U$30,000 a month on wine

Details of 53-year-old Johnny Depp’s lavish lifestyle have emerged, thanks to a countersuit by the A-lister’s former business management company.
Last month, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued The Management Group (TMG), after his new business manager discovered alleged serious misconduct during the time TMG worked for him, which was between 1999 and 2016.
According to Depp’s lawsuit, TMG collected US$28 million in unauthorised contingent fees and never properly filed his taxes on time.
TMG also loaned around US$10 million of Depp’s money to third parties, without his approval.
The company’s attorneys, Joel and Robert Mandel, who are also being sued, have hit back at the industry vet, saying that they did everything in their power to properly handle Depp’s money.
According to them, they regularly warned Amber Heard’s ex that he was overspending.
All of this info was detailed in a cross-complaint filed by the Mandels on Tuesday in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Their legal counsel, Michael Kump, wrote in a filed court document that Depp lived an ultra-extravagant lifestyle, which often knowingly cost the actor in excess of US$2 million per month – an amount he simply could not afford.
“Depp, and Depp alone, is fully responsible for any financial turmoil he finds himself in today,” the court document said.
The company didn’t stop there though, as they also called out the Sweeney Todd star for spending US$75 million on 14 various properties, US$18 million on a luxury yacht and U$30 000 a month on wine.
TMG is suing their former client for breach of contract and fraud and they want the court to rule that Depp is responsible for his own financial waste.  - Daily Mail