Nimms is nearly there

As soon as I walk into Nimms, the swanky restaurant situated on the fourth floor of the Independence Museum in the city centre, I notice not only how big it is, but also how empty it is.
At the end of the month, one would think that the restaurant would have far more patrons than the group of tourists I find in the corner, enjoying their drinks and laughing.
Shortly after I arrive, I soon become the only person in the place, which is great if you like the silence and the awkwardness of the staff just standing at the bar watching you. 
According to them, the spot is hidden away and not many people know where to find it. One said that there were some days that were a little bit more populated.
The waitress who serves me is polite, quick on her feet and knowledgeable about the menu in a way you want all waitresses to be.
She recommends the right white wine and gives me a brief overview of the restaurant and the food on offer.
And it’s quite the menu.
Nimms describes itself as ‘Afropean’, an interesting blend that translates into a European menu made up of light meals like Caesar Salad, Thai Marinated Chicken and Roast Lamb Salad.
The rest of the selection is traditional Oshiwambo food, including Black-Eyed Bean Soup, Beef Tripe, Mopane Worms and Roasted Goat Head.
I settle for the Greek Salad. The food is fresh, fast and they aren’t stingy with the feta cheese.
It was a N$25 meal, and pretty filling, so well worth its value.
Other meals on offer are pasta dishes with sweet and sour beef or any seasonal vegetables.
While ogling the rest of the menu, I couldn’t help, but find my jaw on the floor.
Sandwiches at Nimms will cost you N$60 for the basic tomato, ham and cheese combination and N$110 at most for the Club Sandwich, which is made up of three slices of toast, filled with lettuce, tomato, bacon, a fried egg and chicken pieces. All sandwiches come with a small bowl of chips.
In their defence, they do market themselves as a high-end restaurant that “targets mostly diplomats”. So the prices are understandable, considering other meals on offer are well within a more affordable price range.
For a restaurant that has been open for just six months, it is still an undiscovered gem.
The empty chairs in such a large, beautiful space do ruin the ambiance.
It’s a shame really, as Nimms offers a 360-degree view of Windhoek, and is perfect for sundowners.
It is clean and has well-thought-out décor.
It has the makings of being the hottest chill spot in town, with its affordable drinks and its prime location, right in the centre of town, but it just lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that draws people in droves. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.