Confessions of a couch cat: Frump Day

There has to be a time-out day away from putting on make-up, coiffing hair, wearing sharp looking shoes, dressing for work, wearing a lift-and-separate bra and tight girdle.
There has to be a time when a sista’ just has to dress down, let it all hang out and declare a “frump day”.
I watched one of those fashion police programs the other day and they showed surreptitious photos of various celebrities while they were grocery shopping, picking up their kids from school, attending a football game, and even walking their dogs. 
These fashion gangsters ripped those stars to shreds by criticizing them in the most unflattering terms.  They talked about how ugly they looked with no lipstick on.
The fashion mafia said that the entertainers’ hair was dull and tangled, and commented on how fat one of the media stars looked while wearing an oversized pull-over. 
They laughed at the uncoordinated colours worn and the out-of-fashion ‘cheap’ shoes that were evident. The whole thing struck me as unfair. How is it possible to live your life in make-up, designer clothes and high heels, 24/7/365?  I think that everyone deserves to have a ‘frump day’.
Dressing down is liberating.  I long for days when I can choose to do absolutely nothing that I don’t want to. 
On my frump day, I love tying my braids on top of my head, and taking a steaming hot soaking bath with scented water and oils.  After toweling off, I moisturize my whole body and my face.  I take care of whatever other ablutions are necessary like oiling my hair, whitening my teeth, shaving my underarm, trimming my eyebrows, and clipping my finger and toe nails and then… I’m done.  Pampering yourself is a good way to start a frump day.
I get my husband’s 20-year-old ugly bedroom slippers; I break out an NFL football shirt with Peyton Manning’s number and put on my Earlham College XXXL draw string pants and that’s it.
My whole attitude and outfit says: “Life, leave me alone today.”  I bask in frumpy, dumpy, lumpy freedom and don’t worry a bit about what anyone else has to say about it.
There is no doubt that going to work means you have to be dressed for success.  Note that I did not say, dressed to kill. Your clothes are a major non-verbal statement about who you are.  For example, wearing a killer night club dress to the office does not speak well of your sense of reliability, seriousness and leadership potential.  So, I get it… you need to wear socially acceptable clothes at church, on the job, visiting relatives, or attending an event, and that makes sense.  But, can’t we buy a break somewhere?  Is there no rest for the weary?  Why can’t we have that day where we mentally check out?
I read somewhere that people refer to Wednesdays as ‘hump’ day.  Well, I declare my personal day off as a FRUMP day.  This day is whenever you choose it to be.  Usually it will be holiday or a Saturday or Sunday or maybe a work-at-home day. 
Just grab something loose and comfy and put it on.  Spend that day doing whatever you choose to do.  If you don’t want to cook meals, don’t.  If you don’t want to answer your cell phone, don’t.  If you don’t want any visitors, don’t answer the door.  If you don’t want to talk to anyone, let everyone know that you need your space.
On frump day, you could choose to sit around and watch inane television shows or tear-jerker movies. You could exercise until you sweat, do gardening, take your sheer curtains down and wash them, empty the freezers and wash them out, paint your toenails or go window shopping.  Finishing a tub of your favourite ice cream is also a good thing. 
I like caring for my Labradors, writing stories, crocheting on a longer term project (I make decent sweaters and blankets) or playing video games (I do Township, Caesar IV, Sim City 4 and Alpha Centuri).  I put my headsets on, tune up whatever music suits my mood and check out.
Of course, you need to plan your frump day.  Get stuff in order in advance so your mental absence doesn’t mean the house collapses around you and your family is running around aimlessly.   If you need your ‘day’ during the regular work hours, then that is exactly what leave days are for. 
So, welcome frump day into your life, at least once in a while and see how much better you feel afterwards.