Melba’s toast: Sunnies to suit your face

Hurray! Summer is finally here.  This is evident in the shedding of layers of clothes on our bodies as well as our beds and the increase in the number of street vendors waving their supply of sunglasses in your face at every turn in town. 
People wear sunglasses in winter, but it is in summer where everyone wants to avoid exposing their eyes and the skin around their eyes to harmful sun rays.
While it is important to protect our eyes (because we only get one pair in our entire lifetime) it is also essential that we look good while doing it.
Readers, it is always nice to match your sun wear with your lifestyle needs and the shape of your face. For some people, shopping for sunglasses is as easy as picking up their favourite newspaper and for others it can prove to be a daunting task.
We have come up with ways to help you choose sunnies that will not only protect your eyes, but also channel your personal style.
If you are thinking of getting your first pair of sunglasses or hoping to add to your collection, you must first know the shape of your face in order to pair the frames with the shape of your face. Your face could either be round, oval, square or heart shaped.
Sunglasses may look the same when you are looking at them in the store, but when you try them on, they can look different.
Plenty of people just pick the glasses they prefer without consulting a salesperson, family member or friend about what look best suits them.
Most shops have a no returns policy on accessories (including sunglasses), so making that purchase well is very important.  What you buy is what you are stuck with.
There are times that people purchase expensive sunglasses because they saw their favourite celebrity or a friend wearing that brand or style and decide they want a pair too.  But, when they bring those sunnies home and put them on, the look and the fit just doesn’t work out well.  
Copycat sunglass buyers can easily end up with sunnies that are too big and cover their entire eye area almost reaching below the cheeks or worse they look like alien creatures or insects.
When it comes to types of frames, there is the aviator style, cat eye, retro, wayfarer, square shape, round and the flat brow frame. The aviator frame suits oval and square faces while the retro square and the cat eye work well for people with heart shaped faces as well as those with round shaped faces.
If you have a square face then it means that your face has a strong jaw, wide forehead and wide cheekbones, wearing aviator sunglasses or glasses with soft line or rimless edges can soften your facial features.
People with oval faces can pull off round or square frames because they have the most versatile face shape. 
They do, however, have to keep in mind the size of their sunglasses.  If the sunglasses are too small, then the face will appear to be longer and if too big then your face will look as if it was swallowed by the sunglasses.
Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is not only about the size of the frame, but about the colour of the lens.  The tint of the lenses can enhance depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in different environments.
Grey lenses are perfect because they are dark enough for bright sunny days, while not so dark that they impair one’s vision.
Having sunnies with polarized lenses can reduce glare and can be worn for most outdoor activities.
Many people prefer amber lenses as they do more than give the wearer a sepia outlook and a warm colour fashion. Amber lenses make for a crisp image that allows you to make out shapes more clearly because much of the colour spectrum’s hazy end is blocked giving your vision more contrast.
When you are shopping for sunglasses be sure to know what is trending.
Round mirrored sunglasses are currently trending. You do, however, have to look at the colour of the lenses as some tints may not compliment certain skin tones.
Also remember that less is more especially when it comes to the price of your sunglasses.  Sunglasses are easy to lose so think carefully before spending thousands of dollars on sunglasses that you could leave in a taxi.
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