Mc Bright mixes and matches

Renowned fashion designer, Mc Bright Kavari, who is famous for his deconstruction of the Ovaherero traditional dress, will showcase his latest collection titled Mix and Match at Protea Hotel Thuringerhof this Friday evening.
Kavari told the Windhoek Observer that inspiration for the collection came from his belief that a designer should always be creative.
“Designers should always think outside the box and should always be creative, so I went into my storeroom and picked fabrics that I had off cuts and everything and decided to play around with different textures and colours, and came with the Mix and Match collection,” he said.
The 12 piece ready-to-wear collection is targeting men and women who want to look classic and stylish. It infuses colour fabrics from the designer’s previous collections to present the simple and yet stylish look for which the designer is famously known.
Kavari, who recently returned from showcasing his other collections at the African Fashion reception in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with 30 other designers, reflected on his experience there, adding that it was a miracle that he even made it to the event.
“I was promised by the ministry of trade that they would pay for my flight and accommodation, but a day before the fashion show, they backed out and I had to use my savings to get myself a ticket and hustled to get accommodation; it was crazy,” he said.
“However, it was not all doom-and-gloom as the fashion show was a success and people loved my clothes, from the organizers to the audience. Even the Namibian Ambassador to Ethiopia was very impressed with my work. I learned a lot of things there from other designers which I feel are important to know as Namibian designers.

“For example, I learned that the designers in other countries are supportive of one another and have an organized united bond unlike what we see here. They work together with the aim of taking the fashion industry to another level. 
“They uplift and praise one another and know one another; we don’t know each other so well in Namibia which makes it difficult to be supportive. I don’t know if it is because we don’t get enough opportunities to mingle as designers, but this disunity is one of the reasons why our fashion industry is growing at a snail’s pace,” Kavari opined.
The 23-year-old designer, who is famously known for his trademark cutting edge Otjiherero dresses, will also feature the 10 piece collection he showed on stage in Addis Ababa, as part of the September 30th event.
Speaking on what will be trending this season, the designer said people should look out for military green inspired outfits as well as clean colours such as powered blue, white and baby pink and light fabrics such as linen and chiffon.
Kavari has not only showcased his designs in Ethiopia, but in Mali, Niger, Kenya and Germany.  He has also designed national costumes for Miss Namibia 2013 and 2014 (Paulina Malulu and Brumhilda Ochs, respectively) which has since won him a huge following and a larger clientele base.
As a parting note, Kavari said that designers and fashion lovers should shy away from incorporating African print fabric into their clothes, because the trend has become a nuisance and should be given a rest.
Tickets to the show are available at Computicket for N$400 VIP and N$200 general access. Doors open at 19H00. Dress code is strictly black with a twist of anything.
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