Sully is superb

Tom Hanks (Chesley Sullenberger) saves the day in director Clint Eastwood and screenwriter Todd Komarnicki’s film adaptation of real life pilot Chesley Sullenberger’s book titled Highest Duty: My search for what really matters (2009).
Sully is excellent, it is riveting and well-casted, and it is a definite must see.  If you are a fan of real life drama and stories about miracles, then this one is for you. I can guarantee you that you will be thoroughly entertained.
The film is based on Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who on January 15 2009, became a hero when he made a remarkable emergency landing in New York’s Hudson River after US Airways Flight 1549 struck a flock of geese. 
By landing on the water, Sully miraculously saved all of the 155 passengers and crew on board.
He is loved by the media, by the passengers who were saved and the public, but his bravery becomes the subject of scrutiny and an investigation when his decision to make the risky landing on a body of water, is questioned by authorities.
Even though it stars an older cast, Sully is not just great for older audiences, younger people can also get to enjoy and learn something from this film.
The film shows the value of life, and that it takes just a few moments of doubt to wipe away a lifetime of hard work. 
Most inspiring, is the story confirming that the world still has ordinary people who are willing to risk their lives for the good of others.
Academy award-winning actor, Hanks is perfect as Sully, which makes the film believable. Hanks still has what it takes to make you focus only on him while he is on the screen.   He draws you into the film with his passion.
Laura Linney, who plays his wife, Lorrie, gives a stellar performance as the supportive wife.  Even though her character is not given much room to develop, she makes being patient and calm in stressful circumstances seem like child’s play.
Having watched only one other movie where a pilot saves-the-day in a film, the 2012 action thriller Flight starring Denzel Washington (which I also enjoyed watching) and then watching Sully, I can safely say that I like these types of films.
Clint Eastwood’s role as director is another lure to potential viewers and a mark of quality in the script and acting talents on screen.
Another great thing about this film is that it does not beat about the bush and has a serious tone to it, which is good, given that it is based on such a serious issue.
From the acting, to the cinematography, to the sound effect, watching the film will not only entertain you, but it will place you on that flight.
As the air hostess in the film says “brace, brace heads down, stay down,” you will feel your heart racing and your breathing increasing as the plane hits the water.
This film brings out so many emotions - relief from seeing that everyone survived and then anger when Sully’s bravery is questioned - that you will find yourself asking how people can be so ungrateful.
For goodness sakes, the man was the pilot of a plane with a busted engine and yet he managed to land it safely with no fatalities, but the authorities involved didn’t seem to see the good in that.
Go watch this film.
Sully is currently showing at Ster Kinekor Maerua Mall.
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