Confessions of a Couch Cat – Summer time means shaving time

With the hot weather comes the short sleeves, tank tops, bustier tops, conga wraps, miniskirts, slit skirts and dresses, shorts and other clothing that exposes the underarms and the legs.
When the clothes come off because of the heat, the body hair needs to come off as well.
OK…I read a few articles where hairy legs and underarms were being celebrated.  For me, that is absolutely gross, but still I get it that women’s choices of what to do with their own bodies shouldn’t be the source of social pressure.
People need not be judged on something as superficial as body hair to decide if they are good or not.  Ultimately, to shave or not is YOUR choice.
That said…In my view, there is nothing nastier than seeing hair hanging out from under an unshaved arm pit and thick locks blowing in the wind from exposed legs.
I will not dare to speak about the desperate need to shave the bikini line hairs from our private parts before we hit a swimming pool or do anything (sports, gymnastics, dance and exercise classes) where our pubic hair lines may be visible in any way shape or form.
Ladies, please…. get those unibrows trimmed, those 5 o’clock shadow facial hairs eliminated and any nose or ear hairs obliterated.
A woman with a moustache or beard in the making doesn’t work for me, though there are a few people who think it’s sexy.  And yes, these are not ‘one-and-done’ ablution activities. 
These are constant hygiene and body maintenance activities that can never be missed or forgotten.  Shaving is a necessary evil so let’s accept it and get down with it.  Of course, I am not referring to people with hair growth genetic issues.  They carry a burden that is a pressure the rest of us can’t imagine.
I am usually liberal about the live-and-let-live school of life.  But, seeing nasty body hairs poking out where it shouldn’t is nausea territory for me.
Seeing it while I have a full stomach could lead to a fast run to the toilet and genuflection before the porcelain god in the center altar of all bathrooms. 
There is no way someone can be taken the least bit seriously if they haven’t the basic sense of hygienic decency to get body hair under control.
I discovered the “NEAT” brand product as a cream hair removal elixir of life.  There are other brands in the market to be sure, but for me, that particular hair removal cream goes on with a low level of yucky smell, no burning and it removes facial hair in about 3 minutes maximum. 

Due to menopause, I no longer have hair on my legs, but when I used to have such hair, I used those new disposable razors that are curvy shaped.  Try to avoid the men’s razors and go with those that have a flexible head so that you don’t nick or cut your legs. 
I shave my underarms while in the shower every couple of weeks or so.  As soon as you see the dusky outline when you raise your arms or look at your legs and your fingers feel the stubble returning, it is time to shave. 
There are electric razors to remove unwanted hair, certainly, but I don’t see the need for them.  If that works for you, then get one. But keep it clean and don’t use it anywhere near water!
For my part, in the summer, I don’t want that all day sweaty smell coming near me towards the end of the workday.  Putting underarm deodorant on a bald underarm seems to be less messy and lasts much longer.  But, that is just my opinion, nothing scientific.
So, check out your body as the heat waves gear up to strike us hard.  I advise you to go hairless, but for whatever you choose, be confident about who you are on the inside as the most important thing, not what you look like.   Love yourself in all ways, whether you shave or not.