Melba’s toast: The right scent for you

Your scent says a lot about you; it can enhance your beauty, lift up your mood and even attract a potential mate.
Your scent can also evoke memories and give you a huge confidence boost, because anyone who knows that they smell good tends to be more outgoing.
However, with so many perfumes and colognes out there, choosing one can be a tedious affair, so we have come up with ways to help you boost your confidence and channel your inner Venus or Adonis without trying too hard.
First things first, allow us to school you on perfume scents.
Each perfume or cologne consists of different ‘notes’. It is these notes that determine the overall scent of your perfume.
The notes are made up of three parts, the base, middle and top, which when mixed, work together to give off a specific scent.
Once you know what notes work best for you then you will be able to determine if you like fruity scents (citrus or apple) or floral scents (rose, geranium or gardenia).
Musk and leather scents have a heavier and more masculine tone, and are best suited for men, while exotic perfumes have spicy notes such as aniseed or cinnamon.
Choosing a scent should not only go with whether you are a man or a woman, but with the type of personality that you have.
If you love being the life of the party, perhaps you can choose scents that command attention like those that include notes of patchouli, jasmine, vanilla, and orange blossom.
Fragrances that have notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, vanilla, bergamot and white iris could be perfect for the lady who is a hopeless romantic who believes in spreading love.
If you have a sultry demeanour and want to catch the attention of your inner goddess then go for scents with a note of sandalwood, rich vanilla or violet.
Once you have that figured out it is time to shop for a new fragrance.
Retail stores give you the option of sampling different scents with the help of a shop assistant. You can start off by sniffing the bottle before spraying it on your skin; this allows you to know how the perfume smells when it’s
not on your skin because our skin has natural pheromones, which can alter the fragrance.
The best place to test spray perfume is on your wrist. You should also pay attention not to apply any fragranced lotions when going perfume buying, as the scents could collide and give off a bad smell instead of a fresh, warm and inviting scent.
Another important thing to note before choosing a scent is that perfumes come in different concentrations - the higher the concentration, the higher the price, with the highest being perfume (or parfum in French), and the lowest being eau de parfum.
Eau de parfum usually last for up to five hours and can require multiple applications throughout the day while the perfume has a lingering all day smell, with just a single application on the wrists and behind the ears.
Then there is eau de toilette, which is usually affordable and is my favourite not just because it will not cost me a month’s pay, but because it is less concentrated. I have allergic bronchitis from time to time and cannot afford to be made sick by heavy scents.
Whether you break the bank buying a new scent or opt for something that smells great, but is affordable, remember that when you choose a scent you are getting the opportunity to tell the world who you are.  So choose your scent wisely and have fun while you do so.
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