Melba’s Toast: Fabulous summer manicures and pedicures

Hooray!  Summer is finally here and it is time to kick off those heavy winter boots, thick socks and gloves, and trade them for glossy nails, smooth soles and toe, and hand nails bursting with colour.
Manicure and pedicure trends have evolved over the years, it’s so hard to believe that women around the world have evolved from bare short nails of the 1910s to the debut of colour nails in the 1930s and the evolution of nail art which has de rigueur in the 1980s and 90s (and still is done today).
Painting your nails is not only about applying a coat or two of nail polish.   It should start off with thorough cleaning of the nails, shaping them, cutting cuticles and buffing them.
Nail polish, whether expensive or cheap, should never be applied on broken or chipped nails with cuticles that are sticking out.
Today, we see trends such as the ‘bubble’ nails where nails look raised or somewhat ‘pregnant’, the ‘stiletto’, and the ‘ballerina’, which have all made waves in the world of beauty and nail art.
We have highlighted some of these trends for you to try out.  Some may seem a bit risqué while others are safe; you be the judge and try out something new with regards to your manicure and or pedicure this summer. If you are bold enough and don’t really have much to do with your hands, then the bubble nail trend is for you. To get the look, a nail technician places a ball or multiple balls of acrylic at the center of the nail and builds it out by adding layers until the nails look bulky.
The aim of getting bubble nails with colorful lacquer is to get your finger nails to pop and be the star of your look.  So you should make sure that your nail technician uses real acrylic nail polish. Using the fake kind could mean the layers falling off sooner than you would want them to.
The stiletto is perfect for the lady that loves to keep busy, but also wants her nails to look groomed. When one hears stiletto they immediately think of the words ‘tall, long and narrow’ and sometimes claws. 
The stiletto look may have your nails looking like claws, the right nail polish or gel colour could make you the envy of anyone who sees your interesting looking hands.  
When it comes to following the latest trend, nude colours work best for all skin types.  In my view, dark skinned people should think about avoiding dark colours on their nails unless the end style goal is a marble look with a lighter colour or if you will get embellishments in a lighter shade.
You can either have a smooth finish on all the nails or have some glitter or nail caviar on one or two of the nails.
When it comes to pedicures, one first needs to know which kind of pedicure is best suited for their feet. There are pedicures to get rid of dry foot skin, calluses and ingrown toenails, and over grown cuticles.
There are many kinds of pedicures available such as the classic, French, sports, stone, chocolate, wine, gel, fish, and the milk and honey pedicures. The classic pedicure is the easiest, and can be done at home. It includes a warm foot soak and a foot scrubbing with a pumice stone and foot file, clipping and shaping of nails, pushing your cuticles back, a short foot and calf massage and applying moisturizer. Fish pedicures, though not popular in Namibia, are perfect (though a bit exotic) for removing dead skin.  The process involves a pedicure client putting their bare feet into a tub full of live, tiny carp fish called garra rufa.
These fish then nibble the dead skin off the feet and toes leaving a person with smooth feet. The process is painless, so if you do happen to travel to a country where this pedicure is common, give it a try.
The milk and honey pedicure makes me think of luxury as it starts off with a relaxing soak in a warm milk bath.  After bathing, a pedicure candidate then undergoes an exfoliating sugar scrub and honey mask on the feet, which makes the feet feel moisturized and divine!
Whereas there are different ways to get good-looking feet, there are some foot problems that can cause someone to hide their feet in closed shoes throughout the entire summer.
Calluses, corns and bunions are just some of the foot problems that make wearing open shoes less desirable, and sometimes even walking around normally is painful. 
Growing up, I thought that bunions were some form of deformity and that if you had them you shouldn’t ever be seen in open shoes.
My perception changed when I started reading beauty magazines and discovered that some people are actually comfortable enough to show off feet that have bunions.  Bunions and beautifully painted toes can work out just fine.
So get busy and find a mani-pedi place just for you.  Spend a little time and money on yourself -  You are worth it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.