Mark is fresh

Comedian Mark Kariahuua of Free Your Mind fame stayed true to his title as the Fresh Prince of Okakarara, when he had the crowd in stitches and dancing at his first one man stand-up comedy show at the Warehouse theatre last week.
Opening the show was Last Comic Standing winner Mich, who explored relationship dynamics and made jokes about newspaper reports on the loss of business due to Angolans leaving Namibia.
Just as the crowd was still recovering from Mich’s jokes, a serious faced Mark came on stage dressed in a black Ingo Shanyenge military inspired outfit and announced that inspiration for the show was based on the misconceptions that people have about Hereros.
First on the list was an introduction to Okakarara as the place to be and as a one street, one kindergarten, one primary school and one high school town.
He then compared girls from Okakarara with those of Windhoek.
He acted out a conversation between him and his father, where he had to tell his father that the doctor had diagnosed him with gout.
He then went on to speak about Hereros and their love for meat, saying that you can’t tell a Herero that gout is caused by eating too much meat.
“Gout is to Hereros what cancer is to white people. I have done my research and found that gout is not caused by eating too much meat, but because of having excessive uric acid in your blood, so they must leave us Hereros and our meat,” he joked.
Mark also took jabs at the Owambo people, saying they are at their happiest when wronged and that they are so rough that they can turn a t-shirt into a knife.
He also joked about how the Owambo feel that picking mopane worms from trees is a difficult task as opposed to Hereros who have to tackle whole cows.
One would have thought that the comedian would show some form of pity for his ethnic group, but he did not pull any punches when it came to jokes about Hereros.
He quipped about how his people love complaining before he acted out a scene of a Herero at the Olympics grimacing from pain and blaming his loss on stiff ankles.
His show was the most talked about and highly anticipated comedy show on social media, and the comedian did not disappoint as the Warehouse Theatre was full of his fans who were more than pleased with his solo act.
Just when the audience thought that the comedic genius could not pull out any more tricks from his hat, he surprised everyone by turning his stand-up comedy show into a mini music fest when he invited celebrated artist, Big Ben, onto the stage.
The two sang the NAMA 2016 Male Artist of the Year’s Moro Moro, and had the audience singing along and dancing.
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