Female artists unite for one mega album

In an effort to bring national unity and togetherness amongst Namibian artists, three local record labels have come together to record an album that will unite all local female artists.  
Deal Done Records, Glo Productions and Triple S7even studios under My Ongoma Media CC, have already produced a single called Don’t Let It Go featuring artists Adora, Monique English, Promise and Ann Singer.
The song is expected to start playing on local radio stations next week. 
The planned 10 song album will feature local female artists from all record labels and genres and will be produced by star producer Arafat Muhuure of Triple S7even studios and Solani Glo Zulu of Glo Productions.
The album is set to be launched on 25 November 2016, at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre.
According to Arafat, the inspiration to  record the album came when he visited South Africa a few weeks ago and spoke to a producer there who told him that the reason why Namibian artists struggle or fail to have their videos on music platforms such as Channel O or MTV Base is because they are not united as artists.
“Team work is not something that we Namibians are good at, it has been happening for very long so we want to break that yoke with this album,” Arafat said.
“The album will tackle issues that are affecting the nation as a whole as well as women, such as run-away fathers and tribalism. At the moment, the country is experiencing a lot of tribalism we want to show that we can work together regardless of what tribe we are,” he said.
Zulu said that the project is already receiving positive vibes from the female artists. 
“We have song writers on board and I will also be writing songs. We have finished with one single already, Don’t Let It Go featuring Adora, Monique English, Promise and Ann Singer.   We will send it to local radio stations next week so that the public can listen to it.”
Arafat added that the project will also include music videos, and that there are plans to approach local male artists for another similar project that will be released next year.
“With the support of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), road shows to promote the album and to spread the message of unity have been planned across the country and will start next year,” Arafat further said.
Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA) 2016 multi-award winning artist, Ann Singer, expressed her excitement for the project.
“I am very excited because I will have the opportunity to work with people who have been in the industry for a while who I have long since admired,” she said.
NAMA 2016 Female Artist of the Year Chikune also expressed her joy about being part of the project, adding that the experience will be an opportunity to learn from other artists.
“This project will show that women can work together and will also show society what women can do when they are united,” she said.
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