Melba’s toast: Overall hit

Whether you call them overalls, dungarees, jumpers or rompers, it does not matter; at some point in your life you wore them or you will wear them.
Famous for being construction uniforms or children’s wear, the much-loved clothing item has since evolved into a fashion staple and has been worn even on the red carpet.
Overalls come in many great styles for different age groups from shorts, skinny leg, bootleg, herringbone, jogger, skirts and dresses.
While many of us feel that they should only be worn during the weekend for a day at the park or shopping at the mall, the Windhoek Observer Entertainment and Lifestyle section crew will show you that overalls can be classy, sexy and appropriate, even for the office.
These bibbed garments are the ‘in’ thing now; almost every shop in the mall has them, which makes them hard to ignore.
Here are some ways in which you can express your inner overalls-wearing child and be the talk of the town.
Women with petite to medium sized frames look great in overalls; the trick is knowing how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.
While most overalls are made from denim, there is no harm in wearing overalls of different types of fabric even the all-fierce leather.
Viscose, linen and cotton blend overalls are perfect for the hot weather whereas denim overalls can be worn in all seasons. 
When it comes to denim overalls, the perfect pair is those that have just enough slouch and stretch to make you look cool.
You don’t want overalls that are two sizes small that you look like you cannot breathe easily or that are so big that they look like you are wearing a giant diaper.
Short curvy ladies should opt for overalls that elongate their bodies, whereas taller women should wear overalls that show off their legs (think dress and shorts overalls).
Too short? Don’t worry, just roll up the legs of the overalls for a playful yet chic look.
What I love about overalls is that they can be worn with almost any kind of top, shirts, off the shoulder tops, denim shirts, or crop tops for those who want to look young and flirty by baring their mid-riff.
Overalls with straight form-fitting leg can be worn over heels, booties and wedges and pointy heels. When it comes to colour, never ever wear bright coloured overalls, all they scream is ‘clown suit’ and must be avoided at all costs.
Rather opt for contrast by paring a dark coloured overall with a bright top for summer days or a bright knit for colder days.
Overalls can be either dressed up or down, worn with a crisp white long sleeved shirt, or in only one hue. If you decide to wear one hue make sure that everything matches.
For a more relaxed and sporty look, wear your overalls with wedge sneakers or canvas takkies. Finish the look off with bold hoop earrings and a slogan tee-shirt which can be made more visible by leaving one of the overall’s loops hanging off one shoulder.
If you are going to wear bootleg overalls like our parents did in the 70s then pair them with block heels and a matching handbag, avoid wearing them with flat shoes as you will make yourself look shorter.
Overalls can also be jazzed up by finishing your look off with statement accessories, but one should be cautious when it comes to what accessories to wear.
Most overalls have a bib neckline which looks thick especially on denim overalls so rather opt for minimal neck wear. Shiny biker boots, bright coloured head scarves and bangles can take a dull looking overall to a whole new level.
If you decide to rock this trend, be sure to find yourself in an overall that flatters your figure, whether the fabric is leather, denim or a combination of both.  When you find your perfect overalls, wear them with pride because, after all, inside all of us grown-up women, is a playful little girl. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.