Suicide squad fails to impress

Will Smith, Viola Davis and Margot Robbie are part of a team of villains that have to save the world from gloom and doom in Director and Screenwriter David Ayer’s less than pleasing Suicide Squad.
My initial excitement based on the hype about the film, quickly turned into disappointment; this film is terrible. It is so bad I would rather walk barefoot to Heroes Acre from the city center in the blazing heat, than watch it again.
There are films that tug at your heart strings and make you cry; there are films that tell great stories and there are films that are so exciting they keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
Unfortunately, Suicide Squad does not meet those positive expectations.  When watching the movie, I tried to figure out what the hell Will Smith and Viola Davis were doing in their roles. These two are talented, box-office-winning Hollywood actors and I feel they wasted their talents in this ridiculous film.  Skip this movie and save your money.
Regardless of its ‘blockbuster’ status and multimillion dollars in box office revenues earned since its release, the film is a big flop. 
The movie follows Task Force X, which is a gang of super villains enlisted by the US Government to use their powers to save the world from a powerful threat. However, there’s a nefarious twist to the plan when the government tells the gang that they would be blamed if anything goes wrong with the mission.
Things come to a head when the gang discovers that they have been manipulated and have to decide what to do next.  Making things more miserable for the erstwhile ‘heroes’ is that the government implanted a micro bomb in each of their necks which will go off if any of the members try to rebel.
Actually, the entire storyline and the few ‘better’ scenes are available in the trailer; so just watch that instead.
I suspect that when too much hype is built around movies as it was with this one; it raises expectations; things go bad quickly when the flick fails to live up to them. This is the case with Suicide’s cast member, Margot Robbie, who plays ‘Harley Quinn.’ 
There was so much hype about her role, and yet, after seeing the film the pre-movie accolades were a lie.  She was hailed as the femme fatale of the film, the sexy villainess that everyone loves to hate because she is an enemy of Batman and is loyal to The Joker and Poison Ivy.
But, in the movie, Robbie was weak in her portrayal of Quinn.  She acted more like an insane, drugged-up teenage girl having a bad hair day than an intelligent super villain that is supposed to be a maliciously talented, subtle schemer who is murderously effective.
This poorly made film runs like it was created from a mish-mash of ideas coming from people who were trying too hard to make a Hollywood blockbuster.
Suicide Squad is currently showing at Ster Kinekor Maerua Mall. 
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