White-collar crime prevention and deterrence

In my previous article, published last week, I defined white-collar crime as “those violations of law… that involve the use of a violator’s position of economic power, influence or trust in the legitimate economic or political institutional order, for the purpose of illegal gain, or to commit an illegal act for personal or organisational gain”.

Cash crunch to hit Harambee

Front cash crunch 2016Government spending cuts are set to impact on the targets set in President’s Hage Geingob’s Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), amid indications that the Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4) will also struggle to achieve its objectives, as the country staggers under an ongoing cash crunch.

What underwear are you wearing?

The president held a media conference this week at State House to give feedback to the nation on his nearly month-long sojourn to the USA and answer queries from journalists.

Road accidents have become a way of life

We are concerned that Namibians don’t accept road accidents as a major problem in the country, equal to that of unemployment and affordable housing.  

Why bite off more than you can chew?

We note that the Office of the Environmental Commissioner (OEC) in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), has granted a condition-laden clearance certificate for off-shore phosphate mining to Namibia Marine Phosphate (NMP).

Namibia should withdraw from the ICC

As our administration correctly takes its time to study Namibia’s public position on the International Criminal Court (ICC), we support the positions taken by South Africa, Kenya, Burundi and now The Gambia, to begin the year-long process of withdrawing from the Rome Treaty that created the judicial body.

Govt relaxes SME payment rules

front Finance 5 OctThe Ministry of Finance has scrapped an August directive requiring small businesses to have a certificate of good standing to qualify for payments of goods and services delivered to the government.

Hidipo Hamutenya has died

front Hidipo 06 OctVeteran politician, Hidipo Hamutenya has died. He was 77. The SWAPO stalwart had been in hospital for the past four weeks, after collapsing at a wedding reception at Onamutai village in the Oshana region.

HH funeral dilemma

Front Hidipo 2016As politicians, analysts and ordinary Namibians clamoured for a State funeral for Hidipo Hamutenya, it was still unclear on Thursday evening whether the deceased veteran politician would be buried at the Heroes’ Acre, in line with his immense contribution to his country.

JJD scores own goal

Front JJD 07 OctThe football fraternity is seething with anger after Namibia Premier League (NPL) Chairman Johnny Doeseb announced on Thursday a N$3 million three-year sponsorship deal linked to a controversial company, which has not even signed off on the agreement.

VP Iyambo turns to Chinese medicine

Front nicky 2016Vice President Dr Nickey Iyambo has turned to Chinese traditional medicine, following his mysterious collapse last month during a belated Heroes’ Day celebration in Tsumeb.

NaCC okays Samba,MTC deal

Front mtc 10 OctThe Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) has approved without conditions the transfer of MTC shares from Portugal Telecom to Samba Luxco.

Farmer scoops MTC’s N$1m

Front mtc winCommunal farmer and father of six, Kaaverua Karaerua, has won the MTC ‘Wanna Be a Million-yeah’ SMS competition, the mobile operator announced on Wednesday.

Exams in jeopardy

Front teachers 14 OctThe national teacher’s strike, which kicked off on Thursday, has cast a veil of uncertainty over when the Grade 10 and 12 final examinations will resume.

Nujoma’s office castigates ‘ill-informed youth’

Front nujoma 14 OctThe Office of Founding President, Dr Sam Nujoma, has hit back at a group of “ill-informed youth”, who had questioned Nujoma’s liberation struggle credentials on social media.

Germans offer N$8bn water crisis solution

Front nehemia14 OctThe German government through its development bank, KWF, is said to have offered the Namibian government about N$8 billion for the construction of a desalination plant and a pipeline, which will bring water to the dry central regions, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.

Katjavivi appointed NUST Chancellor

Front Professor 17 OctSpeaker of the National Assembly Honourable Professor Peter Katjavivi has been appointed the first Chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Rukoro furious at German reparations 'insult'

Front Rukoro 17 Oct Ovaherero Paramount Chief, Vekuii Rukoro lashed out Friday at Germany for refusing to pay reparations for the genocide of their people a century ago, calling it a "phenomenal" insult to victims' descendants.

Phosphate mining gets green light

Front Phosphate 18 OctNamibian Marine Phosphate has been issued with an Environmental Clearance Certificate by the Environmental Commissioner Teofilus Nghitila, legally allowing the company to commence phosphate mining operations 120 km southwest of Walvis Bay.

Secrecy clouds phosphate clearance

Front shifeta 2016The awarding of an environmental clearance certificate for the offshore mining of marine phosphate, about 120km southwest of Walvis Bay, has been plunged into even deeper controversy, after it emerged this week that the certificate had been kept under wraps until the  initial 14-day period to object had lapsed.

Water emergency plan to cost N$273 million

Front dam 24 OctThe Cabinet committee on water supply security set up by government to address the country’s water woes, says an estimated N$273.2 million is required to implement phase 1 of its emergency plan in Windhoek and the central areas.

Okapuka feedlot reopens

Front Meatco 25 OctThe Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry announced Tuesday the reopening of Meatco’s Okapuka feedlot, which had been placed under quarantine after the detection of Zeranol in one of the urine samples collected from some cattle.

Economy on life support

Front calle 2016Government has for the first time admitted that the country’s economy is in the doldrums and that extreme measures will be required to address the situation.

Phosphates tear Cabinet apart

Front Amadhila 2016Deep cracks have emerged in government over the controversial decision by the Environmental Commissioner, Teofilius Nghitila, to give the green light for marine phosphate mining near Walvis Bay.

City surrenders to land barons

Front Tjivukua 2016The City of Windhoek has succumbed to legal threats by a group of land barons whose land sales agreements had been cancelled by the city after they failed to pay for the land on time.

Prepare for a bumpy ride

Tight economic times are upon us and we need to prepare for a bumpy ride. Most of us are already feeling the ground tremors that herald the economic earthquake that is affecting people, places and things all around us.

On the jetty

The general consensus is that Swakopmund is a coastal holiday resort, where one comes to unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle of modern life. Ottis Redding once sang that “I’m sitting on the dock of the bay/Watching the tide roll away, ooh/I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay/Wasting time.”  

Surviving until the holidays come

So the year is almost over and everyone is looking forward to going back to their homestead, farm and town to unwind and recharge.

Genocide negotiations not on the right track

The reported events surrounding the negotiations between the Namibian and German governments on the issue of the Nama and Ovaherero genocides resembles a situation where things are falling apart and the centre is no longer holding just as celebrated Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe alluded to in one of his books: Things Fall Apart. 

Never tell a check-able lie

In far too many cases, our leaders at all levels, when asked about something that is already in evidence, usually make their first responses with prevarications, outright denials or feign ignorance.  “I don’t know anything about that”; “It wasn’t me”; “Where did you get that?”; “What?”; “That’s not true.”

Interracial relationships:  the love and the hate

I love embracing things in life, especially those that make me happy, but I find it strange that society finds it difficult to embrace interracial love, in this day and age.

Remain firm

On 6 October 2016, Mother Earth swallowed yet another bright son; the earth just keeps taking and taking, when will it ever get satisfied? At the magical age of two sevens, 77, Hidipo Hamutenya boarded the eternal space shuttle.

Remain firm

On 6 October 2016, Mother Earth swallowed yet another bright son; the earth just keeps taking and taking, when will it ever get satisfied? At the magical age of two sevens, 77, Hidipo Hamutenya boarded the eternal space shuttle.

Remain firm

On 6 October 2016, Mother Earth swallowed yet another bright son; the earth just keeps taking and taking, when will it ever get satisfied? At the magical age of two sevens, 77, Hidipo Hamutenya boarded the eternal space shuttle.

Labour unions, strikes, and things to think about

The National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) – a consensus-seeking institution consisting of government, labour and business – sets forth two extremely important proposals on its agenda: minimum wages and new rules to improve labour market stability.

If you know you owe; you must pay

The recent tumult on campuses around Namibia where students are protesting about not being allowed to take their exams due to their unpaid bills, brings up an important issue.  Far too many people order things and then, at the last minute, demand a bailout in order to pay the bill. 

Is humanity dead?

I have recently become very paranoid about the future and what type of world my child will grow up in because I feel that compassion in people is dead. The unity that was there in societies back in the day is slowly fading away as people isolate themselves and ‘mind their own business,’ regardless of what is going on around them.

Before Columbus

Hola. I am writing this piece from the beautiful city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.  The occasion is Habitat III, which is the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, held from 17 to 20 October 2016. I am part of a Namibian delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Urban & Rural Development, Derek Klaazen.

Media crusaders:  A cause for concern

The purpose of this commentary is to address an alarming and growing trend in Namibia where some media houses and practitioners have come to wield inordinate power premised on personal preference and interest, directed against anyone or any idea with which they don’t agree.  They do this seemingly oblivious that they are grossly abusing a public good and trust.

PPP comes up when things go down

The recent report that the ever-worrisome Zambezi Waterfront Tourism Park (ZWTP) is now ‘considering’ public/private partnerships as a funding solution to its eight years of inability to function as a going concern, is amusing. 

We always wait until it’s too late

With the situation of water likely to reach crisis point soon, it baffles the mind why our government seems so calm as the nation’s capital and the country’s economic hub taps are running dry.

Angela Davis: 46 years of Black Power

Prof Angela Davis, an American civil rights activist and noted Black Nationalist, urged young people to emulate Steve Biko’s courage in confronting the social injustice that breeds social ills and perpetuates racism. She was speaking during the 17th annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture at Unisa on 9 September 2016.

The state of black immigrants

In an era where #BlackLivesMatter and #Not1More have become rallying cries for racial justice and immigrants’ rights activists in the US, it’s important that we uplift the common challenges that cross both movements - mass incarceration, policing, immigrant detention, deportations, deprivation of civil rights and civil liberties, economic inequality, and the destruction of families and communities.

Toya Delazy rocks Windhoek

Performing in seven countries in seven weeks is no easy feat, but the talented musical artist, Toya Delazy, has so far shown that she is up for the challenge.

Soroseb unpacks Rio flop

Sport 7 octParalympic powerlifter Ruben Soroseb says lack of preparation cost him a medal at the Rio Games, which ended last month.

Being ‘captain courageous’

Many players say wearing the captain’s armband is something special, which automatically increases adrenaline levels before and during a match.
Some players dream of being the captain of their teams, but sometimes this does not happen for them during their long and illustrious football careers.
It takes leadership skills and a fire that burns deep inside the belly of a player, for a coach to recognise them as a captain.
In other parts of the world, where football is more popular, club and national team captains are often given respect equal to those holding top government positions.
The Windhoek Observer met up with club and national team captains this week, to glean what it means to them to don the leadership armband.
Ronald Ketjijere
Brave Warriors player and former African Stars skipper Ronald Ketjijere says being a captain is the greatest honour a player can receive.
“It shows the amount of trust and respect that the coach has in you, because he gives you the responsibility of leading the team on the field of play.
“It comes with huge responsibilities, given that you have to remain bold and strong for your players, even if your team is losing.
“Besides that, it is a special feeling to be a captain, especially when it is for your country,” Ketjijere said.
The 28-year-old midfielder also played for the University of Pretoria, and has 17 national team caps to his name.
Ketjijere started his career at Unam in the Khomas Second Division, and was part of the squad that was promoted to the Southern Stream First Division in 2008.
Da Costa Angula
Angula captained both the national team and his local club side, Black Africa, before moving to South Africa.
He says being captain brings that extra bit of determination, and hypes him up as a player, who has to lead his teammates into battle.
“The fact that the coach has shown that he trusts you with the leading role is a motivation on its own.
“I have experienced the most remarkable feeling, when I wore the captain’s armband.
“However, it also takes courage, because you have to be very commanding and build a good relationship with the players you are leading. “I believe that any player who wears the captain’s armband is motivated and willing to work harder, whenever he is given the responsibility to do so,” Angula said.
The Free State Stars defender has made less than 20 international appearances since 2011, but has already been given the chance to lead the national team.
Maximilian Mbaeva
Mbaeva has been a stand-in captain for both club and country on a number of occasions.
He is one of the few Namibians who have managed to wear the captain’s armband for a club outside the country. Mbaeva has occasionally led his South African club, Golden Arrows, onto the field of play.
The shot-stopper was recently appointed Brave Warriors captain by Coach Ricardo Mannetti, when they played against Senegal in a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match.

“Captaining a team is an extraordinary feeling, as it serves as a performance booster.
“The fact that you have to be so disciplined, and lead by example, gives me so much desire to play.
“I have always been delighted to be given a chance to lead a club, even outside Namibia.
“It is a special thing, because of the respect you get from the fans, the coach and the entire club and country’s management,” Mbaeva said.

Youth breathe new life into golf

Windhoek Country Club Golf Director, Steve Basson, says young people are breathing new life into the sport, by showing an increasing appetite to take to the fairways and greens.

Final Enduro round on Saturday

The grand finale of the Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship will take place on Saturday, 8 October at farm Döbra near Windhoek, where the Namibian champions will finally be crowned after seven eventful races.

CoW desert its stadiums

Sport 14 octThe City of Windhoek-owned football stadiums - Khomasdal and John ya Otto Nankudhu - are in bad shape, compared to recent years when they had enough grass on their turfs, the Windhoek Observer has established.

Aloysius vows to bounce back

Paralympic athlete Martin Aloysius has vowed to bounce back from a disappointing display at the Rio Games last month, where he failed to win any medals, while competing in the F12 long jump and T12 400m relay events.

NPL stars play for petty cash

Namibia Premier League (NPL) players have resorted to playing in unsanctioned football tournaments for cash, as the country’s topflight league remains in limbo, because of a lack of sponsorship.

Sport in desperate need of an overhaul

The ongoing financial struggles that have rocked the Namibia Premier League and turned it into a laughing stock have been predicted over the years.

Enduro ends on a high

The Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship ended with a bang at farm Döbra last weekend.

Enduro ends on a high

The Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship ended with a bang at farm Döbra last weekend.

Hijarunguru spits venom at detractors

sports 21 octNamibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) Chairperson, Ellison Hijarunguru, has lashed out at those he believes are out to tarnish his reputation, and that of the entire board.

Nakathila hyped for icy Russia

Namibian boxing sensation, Jeremiah ‘No Respect’ Nakathila, says he is working hard in the gym, so that he will be mentally and physically fit, when he travels to Russia next month for his WBO Intercontinental Super Featherweight title fight against Evngeny ‘Happy Gilmore’ Chuprakov.

Beach volleyballto light up Swakopmund

The Swakopmund Fabupharm Beach Volleyball Masters – the fifth and final Timeout Beach Volleyball Series event of the year - will take place on 22 and 23 October at the coastal town.

N$9m NPL deal still unsigned

The Namibia Premier League (NPL) and Groot Systems have still not signed a three-year N$9 million sponsorship deal, which was paraded as a fait accompli at a media conference two weeks ago, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.

First division’s fate tied to NPL

Southern Stream First Division League Administrator, Mervin Geiriseb, remains hopeful that the Namibia Premier League (NPL) will get the N$24 million sponsorship it needs to start the league before the end of the year.

I won’t be intimidated - ‘Izinyoka’

Sacky ‘Izinyoka’ Shikukutu says he will not be intimidated by the fact that he will be fighting away from home on Saturday, when he takes on South African Chris van Heerden in Johannesburg, for the vacant WBA Pan Africa Welterweight title.

Sport job creation stats wanted

back 28 octNamibia Sports Commission (NSC) Chairperson, Joel Matheus, says the commission is in dire need of a statistical data collection component, in order to improve its operations and justifiably make a case for a bigger budget from treasury.

Rio medallists get cold shoulder

National Paralympics Committee of Namibia (NPCN) Secretary General, Michael Hamukwaya, feels that this year’s Rio Paralympic medallists, Johannes Nambala and Ananias Shikongo, are not being treated the same as Johanna Benson was in 2012, after she won gold and silver medals at the London Paralympics.

‘The Amphibian Namibian’ calls it a day

Paralympic swimmer, Gideon Nasilowski, who is popularly known as ‘The Amphibian Namibian’, has announced his retirement from the sport.

Mbidi leaps to Rukoro’s defence

Namibia Football Association (NFA) President, Frans Mbidi, has insisted that Secretary General, Barry Rukoro, is going nowhere, even as calls for his sacking intensified this week.

Ambunda raring for a comeback

Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda is itching to get back into the ring, four months after his defeat at the hands of Mexican, Moises ‘Chucky’ Flores, in a WBA and IBO super bantamweight unification bout in Windhoek.

NPL coach raisesalcohol fears

Tigers FC coach Brian Isaacs has raised the spectre of Namibia Premier League (NPL) players turning to  alcohol, as they ponder an uncertain future, because of ongoing sponsorship woes.

Beauty and brains: a sustainable mix

Although most pretty girls choose to be beauty and fashion trendsetters, Miss Earth Namibia 2016, 25-year-old Eliza Shakalale, chooses to set trends in the world of environmental conservation and advocacy.

The Dogg bags second MTV Africa music nomination

Kwaito artist, The Dogg, has bagged his second MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) nomination.

Black women and baseball: A TV series game changer

To showcase the new DSTV channel, Fox Life, which was launched on Monday this week, reporters were treated to a sneak preview of the excellent pilot episode of the channel’s series premiere, Pitch. 

Stand UP with Florence

In her long-awaited debut gospel album Stand Up, Gospel singing diva, Florence is asking you to rise up and make a difference in your life.

Melba’s toast: Shades of pink

In support of breast cancer awareness month, we are highlighting fashion’s ‘girliest’ colour; pink.

The Magnificent Seven is murderously marvellous

The Magnificent Seven, which is currently playing at Ster Kinekor at the Grove Mall, is not new – but it is great!  

Confessions of a Couch Cat:  There is nothing sexy about being drunk

I am not a teetotaller, but people who get drunk are disgusting.  ‘All things in moderation’ is the anthem that those wanting to drink and have fun need to live by.

Righteous ratatouille

For me, it’s all about the eggplant. This is a veggie entree dish that kids will eat and enjoy for dinner.  It is hearty, full of vitamins and is perfect over rice. 

Watch Janneth’s Third Will

Entertainment14 octJanneth Gaoses is one of the brains behind nbc’s new television drama series The Third Will which premiered last week Wednesday.

Oteya wants all or nothing

Oteya is back, and this time she is singing about those in relationships who want all or nothing.

Exciting music line-up at copper festival

The mining town of Tsumeb will be a hive of activity next month as inhabitants of the town, as well as visitors, celebrate the 14th annual Tsumeb Copper Festival, which will feature a music concert at the Oscar Norich Stadium.

Melba’s toast: Boo-tiful Halloween looks

While only a few people in Namibia know about dressing up in costumes on Halloween, there is a growing number who take note of the holiday and plan fun things to do involving masks, disguises, dress-up and makeup.

Girl on the train is on track

The usually sweet and charming Emily Blunt (Rachel Watson) plays an alcoholic divorcee in director Tate Taylor and screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson’s film adaptation of author Paula Hawks’ psychological thriller novel, Girl on the Train.

Namibian filmmakers urged to submit their work for the 2017 AMVCAs

Namibian filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider African audience by submitting their films for the 2017 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCAs).

Confessions of a Couch Cat:  My big, fat, flabby belly

I always sing the message about being proud of who you are. It is such a sad thing to meet people who hate their ‘large noses’ or their ‘big feet’ or their ‘huge breasts’ or their ‘flat behinds’ and they are truly unhappy about themselves.  

What to do with overripe bananas

Last week while shopping in a local fruit and vegetable specialty store I noted that they had a shopping cart full of browned, ugly-looking and nearly rotten bananas. 

Hidden Sky finally premiers in Windhoek

The premiere of the Namibian and Argentine film Hidden Sky is finally here and local audiences will get a chance to witness yet another milestone in the local film industry on Friday, 4 November 2016.

061 Music presents the Area Code

Namibian hip-hop crew, 061Music, is breaking new ground with their latest album 061Music presents the Area Code, which is the country’s first ever audio movie album.

Second local brands exhibition slated for Windhoek

Locally branded hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, caps and pants will once again take center stage at the second Local Brands Exhibition set to take place at Palm Tree Park from 29 to 30 October 2016.

Melba’s toast: Going to a wedding?

It is that time of the year again when wedding invitations are pouring in from all over. As the nuptial season is blossoming all around us, looking your best as a guest can sometimes be a challenge. 

Windhoek Fashion Week schedule of designers revealed

Organisers of the first-ever Windhoek Fashion Week (WFW) set for November 2-5, 2016 at the Grove Mall, have released the schedule of presentations of the various talented designers.

Queen of Katwe is an enjoyable check-mate

Strategy takes you places in the game of chess and chess takes a young girl, Phiona Mutesi (played by Madina Nalwanga) to great places in Mira Nair’s new film, Queen of Katwe. You must see this movie as soon as you can; it’s fantastic.

Uncertainty stalks Namcor retail plans

buss 7 octPlans by the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) to go retail might suffer a stillbirth, with newly appointed board Chairperson, Patrick Kauta, expressing reservations over the proposed move.

Confessions of a Couch Cat:  Ice me down baby

When I drink any beverage, every sip, every milliliter must be chilled and frosted.  When possible, I get a frosted glass, with as much ice as possible inside and I want the beverage chilled when it is poured over the ice.  Yep…I am ice crazy and proud of it.

Government borrowing bites back

Government’s continued borrowing over the years, as a means of stimulating economic growth, has been fingered as one of the root causes of the liquidity challenges currently facing the country.

Toya Delazy rocks Windhoek

Entertainment 28 octPerforming in seven countries in seven weeks is no easy feat, but the talented musical artist, Toya Delazy, has so far shown that she is up for the challenge.

Govt bonds find no takers

Government continues to struggle to secure takers for its debt instruments, with the latest bond auction held on Wednesday only managing to raise N$3,25 million from the N$160 million sought.

Oktoberfest at SKW beginning diesen abend

Beer lovers in and around Windhoek will once again get the chance to celebrate authentic German traditions fuelled by Namibian passion at this year’s Windhoek Oktoberfest slated to take place this weekend at the SKW sport field in Olympia.

Bannerman applies for Mineral Deposit Retention Licence

Bannerman Resources, the custodians of the Etango uranium project, revealed this week that they have submitted an application to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) for a five-year Mineral Deposit Retention Licence.

Meriam brings sexy back to Windhoek

There’s no stopping Meriam Kaxuxwena; not even the summer heat can stand in the way of the leggy, sexy, Namibian fashion beauty.

MEKA, Marco Fishing join forces

Mekarilakha Fishing (MEKA) has taken up 25 percent equity in Luderitz based fishing company, Marco Fishing.

MultiChoice introduces more variety and quality on DStv

It is Oktoberfest this weekend, a time which many beer lovers have been waiting for the whole year.

Hamutoko shines in science

Twenty-six-year-old Josefina Hamutoko recently scooped the coveted Young Scientist of the Year award for her research, aimed at finding solutions to the ongoing water crisis in the country and ensuring that all Namibians have access to safe drinking water.

Melba’s toast: Watches take care of the time factor

Putting together a killer outfit does not end with a pair of nice shoes and a fancy clutch, you need accessories that will bring everything together.  One such accessory, though often ignored, is the wrist watch.

Schools key to global competitiveness - analyst

A local analyst says there is need for a determined political focus on the quality of Namibia’s school education - not only on the actual curriculum and teaching, but on leveraging school infrastructure to deliver other services, such as healthcare and hunger reduction.

Noem My Skollie: storytelling that sooths

Noem My Skollie (Call Me Thief) is a strikingly told, true life story of writer John Fredericks which humanizes the ‘township criminal’ that he used to be.

NEEEF uncertainty subdues NSX

business 14 octNamibian Stock Exchange (NSX) investors have taken a wait-and-see approach to the proposed New Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEEF), a position that has seen the bourse recording a slowdown in trade and a halt in planned listings.

Confessions of a couch cat – That first kiss

Everyone out there has a story about when and where they received or gave their first kiss.  Allow your mind to wander and go back to those innocent days and recall your first attempt at giving or receiving a ‘passionate’ kiss.

Namibia, Germany sign N$1,1bn deal

Namibia and Germany inked a N$1,1 billion, two-year funding agreement on Monday, with the European country vowing to continue with its technical and financial assistance to the Land of the Brave, despite the World Bank classifying it as an upper middle income country, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of around US$5,700.

Salsa and corn chips – almost guiltless snack food ideas

When we watch our favourite movie or sporting event at home, we snack. 

Credit Act slows Pupkewitz vehicle sales

Local car dealer, Pupkewitz Motor Division (PMD), says the recently amended Credit Agreements Act has significantly impacted on its general vehicle sales, with sales down by 20 percent to date, as from the August enactment of the revised legislation.

Mandate change bolsters DBN’s loan book

The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) has recorded a 65 percent surge in loans and advances for the extended financial year ended 31 March 2016, attributed to a change in mandate.

Sky is the limit for JVP

Joe Vision Production (JVP) is a Namibian company established in 2004 by Joel Haikali, whose vision has grown it into a dynamic film producing house that boasts of a large network in Namibia and beyond.

NSA embarks on labour survey

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) is set to embark on a N$32 million intercensal demographic and labour force surveys from 17 October until 11 November in all regions of the country, which will see more than 500 people being outsourced from all regions to assist in the process.

Details emerge of FNB, Pointbreak deal

business 21 octFNB Namibia intends to take advantage of EBank’s existing digital banking thrust, and is likely to merge its eWallet offering with the Pointbreak-owned entity, in the aftermath of its acquisition of the business, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.

‘Mixed’ year for mining

The prevailing depressed conditions in the global mineral commodities market has been fingered for the “mixed” performance of Namibia’s mining sector so far this year.

New Virgin premises nears completion

Oryx Properties says the N$80 million premises that will house the new Virgin Active gym at Maerua Mall, is nearing completion, with the grand opening expected in about a month and a half.

Foreign tender domination outrageous’ – Shaanika

The continued stance by government and business to award small tenders to large international companies - at the expense of local entities – has come under attack by business groupings, who have called for an overhaul of local procurement regulations.

Am Weinberg Estate

Am Weinberg Estate is Jimmey Construction’s most prestigious development to date, which includes 22 luxury units, a boutique hotel, a wellness centre, an office park, restaurants, a delicatessen and furnished self-catering apartments.

By the sweat of their brow

As early as 04:00, Samuel Hangala (not his real name) rises from his slumber in his makeshift zinc ‘house’ in the informal All Nations suburb of Windhoek, to prepare for his long trek to work in Prosperita, where he is one of many casual workers at a construction site. 

MPP Civils leads the way in project delivery

MPP Civils Namibia is a leading, bona fide Namibian construction firm founded in 2013.

Construction jobs at risk as tender freeze bites

The directive by government to freeze the awarding of new public tenders and to put on hold any feasibility studies for capital projects - as part of a raft of austerity measures - will have a profound impact on the Namibian construction sector, Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Acting President Nico Badenhorst has warned.

First Lady pushes low-income housing

First Lady, Monica Geingos, says there is an urgent need to provide decent housing to low-income Namibians, so that ordinary people like gardeners and domestic workers are able to own a home.

Five mistakes to avoid when buying commercial property

Buying commercial property is a long-term commitment and a major investment for any business, therefore, such a decision needs to align with the businesses’ growth objectives, says Axel Cramer, FNB Namibia’s Head of Commercial Property Finance.

Water supply ‘precariously balanced’

City of Windhoek (CoW) Public Relations Manager, Joshua Amukugo, has said that the Windhoek Aquifer only holds sufficient water to sustain the city for between two to three years - in the absence of the NamWater supply system - and not 13 years as previously reported.

DBN geared for Erongo Expo

Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) is encouraging local authority representatives and entrepreneurs to visit the bank’s stand at the Erongo Business and Tourism Expo from 26 to 29 October.

Collusion/bid-rigging in the construction sector

As a result of the amounts of money flowing into and through the construction sector, the construction industry is vulnerable to collusive and unethical practices in the bidding process.

‘Aggressive’ budget cuts anticipated

Analysts say they are waiting to see what aggressive cuts will be made to government’s operational budget in the current financial year, and which development projects will be suspended, when Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein delivers his mid-term budget review next month.

Coca-Cola’s water headache intensifies

Busoness 28 octBeverage maker, Coca-Cola Namibia Bottling Company (CCNBC), has resorted to trucking in water from sources outside Windhoek, to augment its operational requirements, as the imposed water restrictions continue to impact on its business, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.

Oryx on  N$160m property expansion drive

Oryx Properties is set to invest over N$160 million in renovations and additions to its properties around the country, as the company seeks to stay ahead of its competitors.

BoN defends Credit Agreements ActEric

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) has defended the recently amended Credit Agreements Act amid concerns that the Act might not be the right tool to stabilise Namibia’s foreign reserves.

Meatco tallies Okapuka losses

The eight-week closure of Meatco’s Okapuka feedlot is estimated to have cost the company in excess of N$40 million, before it was reopened on Tuesday by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

Cuts, cuts and more cuts

The Windhoek Observer (WO) sat down with Minister of Economic Planning and National Planning Commission Director General, Tom Alweendo (TA), to discuss the state of the economy and its impact on government’s various economic blueprints. Below is an extract from the interview.

Nedbank Namibia scoops record property finance deal 

At Nedbank Namibia, we are living by our slogan of ‘Make Things Happen’ after recently securing the biggest property development deal in our history.

ICT gives the edge - Ngatjizeko

Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Minister, Immanuel Ngatjizeko, says the ability of an economy to enhance the productivity of its industries, by actively leveraging information communication technology (ICT), can result in increased efficiency and a competitive edge.

Fraud risk assessment

In my previous articles, I discussed some of the measures available to combat white-collar crime.  This week, I will deal with how to assess or evaluate an organisation’s exposure to that crime as well as fraud.

Ngurare demands SWAPO payout

national 7 oct 2016Former SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary, Dr Elijah Ngurare, is demanding a salary payout from the ruling party, after he was unceremoniously expelled and booted out of his post in July last year.

Pilot training in jeopardy

The future of the Namibia Aviation Training Academy (NATA) hangs in the balance, as it struggles to stay afloat, due to cash flow problems.

Nam to revise South Africa business visa requirements

Namibia intends to revise its business visa requirements for South African businesspeople, with the presidency announcing plans to award multiple entry visas on arrival in the country.

Breaking the abuse cycle

Carol Namaseb (not her real name) has lived and breathed in violence first-hand for most of her 14 years on earth. She is constantly pimped out and beaten by her sex worker mom, who is herself routinely physically and sexually abused by the many men in her life.

Mental healthcare in Namibia a disaster

Schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, bipolar disorders, and substance abuse conditions are increasingly becoming more prevalent in Namibia, with a government run facility in Windhoek reporting that its 220 beds are overflowing with needy patients who are desperate for help.

Environmentalists on ‘red alert’… As Chinese lodge marine life export application

The Ryazanovka, a Russian fishing trawler, looks harmless, but it has been dubbed “the killer boat” by a group of Walvis Bay marine life activists.

Dismantle useless youth ministry - NEKA

national 14 octThe Namibia Exile Kids Association (NEKA) has called for the dismantling of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, saying it is “dead and useless”.

Ovitoto residents feel left out

Fears are rife in the Ovitoto community that the government allotment of the Osema and Gusinde game farms in the Otjozondjupa Region will not benefit them, and that land will be dished out to politically connected individuals.

Muhehua still on sick leave

Deputy Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Alpheus Muhehua, who went on an indefinite leave last year after suffering a stroke, is still not back at the office, the Windhoek Observer has established.

First Lady pusheslow-income housing

First Lady, Monica Geingos, says there is an urgent need to provide decent housing to low-income Namibians, so that ordinary people like gardeners and domestic workers are able to own a home.

Nujoma receives global honour

Founding President, Dr Sam Nujoma, has received the Mehdi Ben Barka Solidarity Order, the highest order awarded by the Organisation of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL).
Nujoma received his lifetime achievement award in Havana, Cuba recently.

Record numbers at Windhoek Show

Organisers of the just-ended Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show (WAS) say they expect the final attendance tally this year to surpass the 110,000 people recorded last year, while some visitors expressed concern over “Chinese wares” being sold at the nine-day event.

Homes should not be war zones - Geingos

First Lady Monica Geingos, who was recently appointed as the UNAIDS Special Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls,  has urged society to help build up women’s confidence, while at the same time, learn to read the warning signs that identify abusive relationships.

Pedestrian deaths on the rise

national Pedestrian 17 OctAccording to the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund, two pedestrians are killed daily on the country’s roads.

Govt ‘gambles’ with 13,000 fishing jobs

National 21 octNamibia Seamen and Allied Workers Union (NASAWU) President, Paulus Hango, says that government is gambling with the fate of the country’s 13,000 fishing sector employees, as well as the economy, by giving the green light to phosphate mining off the coast of Walvis Bay.

Don’t dream of tenders, Mercs - Kameeta

Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Zephania Kameeta, says that people should not dream of tenders and driving flashy Mercedes Benz cars, but should rather invest in uplifting others.

Gurirab’s final note to HH

Former National Assembly Speaker and Namibia’s second Prime Minister, Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab, has shared with the Windhoek Observer what he wrote in the note he threw, along with a pen, into the grave of fallen struggle icon Hidipo Hamutenya, popularly known as HH.

Kandjoze hits back at NAMDIA critics

Mines and Energy Minister Obeth Kandjoze has hit back at critics of the recently established diamond marketing company, Namibia Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA), while also questioning the motive behind the attacks on the new government entity.

Ugly NSFAF battle exposed

An ugly battle for control of the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF), between board Chairperson, Patty Karuaihe-Martin, and Chief Executive Officer, Hilya Nghiwete, has been laid bare in a lengthy letter crafted by Nghiwete.
This comes amid allegations that the board, headed by Karuaihe-Martin, is trying to push Nghiwete out of her position.

For the love of teaching

Grace Jackson (not her real name) joined the teaching profession because of her love for children. She wanted to make a difference in their lives, while also following in the footsteps of her mother, who is a retired teacher.

New chairman for Ilukena hearing

A new chairman has been appointed to preside over the disciplinary hearing of Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service Permanent Secretary, Alfred Ilukena, the Windhoek Observer has established.

UK expertsto train Namibian nurses

Local nurses are set to receive specialised perioperative training from British medical experts later this month.

Legal feud erupts over newspaper

national 28 octA legal feud has erupted between former Namib Independent owner, Gareth Amos, and current owner, Roy Klassen, after a deal to buy the coastal newspaper went sour.

RCC battles to pay salaries

The Roads Contractor Company (RCC) has once again been struggling to pay its employees their salaries on time.

From dusty streets to role model

Growing up in a poverty-stricken household and a family tragedy were the two driving forces that motivated Christine Damases-Kasi to work extra hard at her studies, which has now culminated in her being the country’s first and only PhD holder in Medical Radiation Sciences, specialising in mammography.

Coca-Cola boss shares strategies, tactics … As water and other challenges bite bottler hard

The Windhoek Observer (WO) recently engaged newly appointed Coca-Cola Namibia Bottling Company (CCNBC) Managing Director, Norton Kingwill (NK), about his new post, how the ongoing water shortages and other challenges are impacting on the business and what his vision for the bottler is. Below is an extract from that exclusive interview.

Geingos urges students to pay back loans

First Lady Monica Geingos has urged students to pay back the loans they receive from the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSAF), saying they have a contractual obligation to do so.

San benefit from climate project

About 3,000 members of the San community are benefiting from an 811,737 euro climate change project, which is set to run for three years.


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