Rehoboth ‘wife killer’ back at work

front shooting 30 Sep 2016A Rehoboth man, who shot and killed his wife with a hunting rifle, allegedly while under the influence of flu medication and sleeping tablets, is back at work, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.
Peter Kurt Beukes, who works for Claud Bosch Architects in Windhoek as an architectural technologist, is accused of killing his 25-year-old wife Franzelde ‘Zellie’ Beukes at their home in the Block G section in May.
Franzelde was shot with a hunting rifle by her husband, who had apparently awoken in a zombie-like state, thinking there were intruders in his house.
The accused faces a charge of murder and he is out on N$10,000 bail.
A community member, who refused to be named out of fear of being victimised, said that Rehoboth residents are shocked at how the case is being handled, and by how relaxed the victim’s family seems to be.
In an interview with the Windhoek Observer, the community member said that the family is embracing the accused as if nothing tragic had happened, which many find odd.
“It is very disturbing that murder can be taken so lightly, no matter what the circumstances are. This man committed a serious crime and he is left to roam the streets.”
What is also shocking, the community member said, is that the accused’s employers have welcomed him back at work with open arms.
“What message does this send to the community at large; that one can commit a serious crime and still get away with it?”
It has also been alleged that his bosses paid for his bail.
It was reported that the accused attended his late wife’s funeral under police guard.
“When this man attended the funeral, the father of the deceased embraced him as his own and welcomed him with open arms,” the community member said.
On the day of the tragic incident, it was reported that the accused took sleeping tablets and woke up in a frantic state, which led him to suspect that there were intruders in the house.
Beukes, a Reho Falcons rugby player, claimed during an earlier court appearance that he has no recollection of the shooting incident, which was witnessed by his father-in-law.

Some of his work colleagues are baffled by the fact that he has been allowed to come back to work, after such a frightening incident.
A colleague, who refused to be named, said that they feel uncomfortable and scared, because they are not sure if the accused is in his right mind.
A criminal lawyer, who also refused to be named, said that conditions of bail vary from case to case, as this is purely up to the presiding officer in the matter.
He said that the bail amount depends on the facts of the case and it doesn’t necessarily mean that in a serious matter the bail is supposed to be high.
The accused’s employer Claud Bosch confirmed that he was indeed back at work adding that what happened was tragic and sad.
He added that what happened was an accident and that the accused has suffered a lot.
“We went to see the family right after it happened and we are told that it was an accident. It is indeed a tragedy,” said Bosch.
Beukes is appearing again in court next week.