‘Tupac’ hijacks city plots

front tupac 30 Sep 2016The City of Windhoek is considering awarding businessman Simon ‘Tupac’ Andjamba a closed tender to build 79 residential houses for the general public, after he took senior City staff on an all-expense paid trip to South Africa last week to view the type of homes he wants to build.
This comes as the Windhoek municipality has postponed the sale of serviced Khomasdal plots until further notice.
The Namibian reported this week that the municipality’s manager of property management, Elly Shipiki, had said that the postponement is due to minor logistical arrangements and the planned refinement of documentation.
City executives had initially resolved to sell the plots through “an offer to purchase” instead of public auction that drive up prices.
City sources said this week that 79 residential plots, which had originally formed part of the 399 Khomasdal Extension 16 plots that have been approved for sale, will now form part of the Pilot Housing Project, with Andjamba in pole position to receive the construction tender, after he made a proposal to the council.
A delegation that comprised of Department of Urban Planning and Property Management Project Manager, Steven Hochobeb, and two other senior City staff members took a trip to South Africa to check out housing models, which Andjamba intends to construct.
Andjamba is the Chief Executive Officer of the Oluzizi World of Commerce, which has its tentacles in mining, shopping malls, service stations, building and construction, energy, communications, retail stores, agriculture, entertainment, and real estate development.
“The plots that are supposed to be offered to the general public have been converted to the Pilot Housing Project. They want Andjamba to construct the 79 houses, so that they can sell them to the public through his construction company.
“Neither a tender nor an expression of interest from the public was advertised,” a source told the Windhoek Observer.
Hochobeb was evasive when asked to comment on why the City was reneging on its earlier decision to sale the plots to members of the public at discounted prices and whether they had undertaken a trip to South Africa.
“Who told you this information? I will not tell you anything until you tell me who told you these things,” he said.
Andjamba, however,  did not shy away from confirming that he had paid for the trip to South Africa, adding that it was a request that he made to the City to see the South African housing model first-hand.
“Yes, I did pay for the trip to South Africa. You see during the presentation to the City, we requested that if the City staff wanted to come with us to South Africa, so they can see the product (type of houses), they can do so and I will cover the expenses,” he said.
When asked what the cost of building the houses will be, Andjamba said that he has submitted all his documents to the City.
“You see, the country is already suffering and is in need of houses. Land delivery is already done. We want to provide houses to the people, which will be affordable to the middle-income people.
“We are trying to bring investors in the country,” Andjamba said.
The source further pointed out that Christopher Eita, the Executive of Mayoral Support and International Relations in Mayor Muesee Kazapua’s office, hails from the same village as Andjamba.
 “Eita made this deal possible for Andjamba, because they are from the same village in Outapi,” the source alleged.
Eita, however, told the Windhoek Observer that he is not involved in the process, as Andjamba made the proposal to the City.
“This is a decision of the council, and not the office of the mayor. People just think that the mayor’s office has a lot of power, it doesn’t. All I know is that the Oluzizi owner made a proposal to the City.
“There was even a presentation made by them (Oluzizi) to all councillors about this deal,” Eita said.